Grandville Stats are in!! My Healthy Lifestyle Pays Off!

Pamela DeVrou Smith – 2nd place!

This competition I had some fun!!  We decided to NOT go to Charleston, SC competition (going for the pro card) because I just didn’t feel I was ready!!  After Cleveland, I needed to really build some more and lean out some more!!  I didn’t think I could do that in just six weeks!!  It made me very nervous.  So, decision made.  I still wanted to do something though and knew a friend of mine was competing in the Grandville Competition.  I adore this new friend and felt I could learn a lot from the show.  I was told it was the biggest Michigan had to offer and it was inexpensive for Jim and I to go!  Why not??!

Tony Freeman- huge!! Man is this a big guy!! I’m wearing 41/2″ heels!! which makes me around 6’1″…He weighs in at about 280-290!!! Hig arm is bigger than my thigh!! hahaha…

Knowing my friend made all the difference in the world!  She is positive and wants everyone to have a great time!!  Nothing but smiles!  Don’t get me wrong, we are both very competitive, however, priorities are that people really do come first!  It’s important to remember that fact in any dream that you go after!!  In the end, a trophy and title are lonely without friends and family to share it all with!!  Cleveland left a bad taste in my mouth – so to speak.  There were 10 other physique competitors, but it felt “cold” to me.  One girl would have made 11, but she stayed in the bathroom hiding…she wasn’t ready (or so she felt!!)  In a way, I couldn’t blame her!  Now, maybe it was me or maybe it was the group…I don’t know.  But I didn’t feel welcomed and I was determined at this competition that myself and others would not feel that way!  I knew that my friend would help in all of that!  She is a class act and very bubbly!!

Now…I did want to win!  I haven’t really had a competitive “W” as of yet!! I gave it my all!  My body when I got down there wasn’t really cooperating with me!!  I retained water to the tune of about 5-6 lbs!!  It was out of my control.  Regardless, I felt great and confident through it all.  My routine went off without a hitch (that part I really enjoy!!)!  I was down quite a bit from Cleveland in my body fat %!  Those are the areas that I’m most proud of.  What I can do better – My posing…well, I need a little work!  It’s a lot to remember!!  hahaha… and I’m still learning!  I can come down even further in my BF%.  I believe my ideal weight would be around 130 and I’m at 141…so, more time!

I was place in the tall class (gee…at 5’9″ that’s no real shocker!) but I was excited to see that I had a competitor!  Then there were three more in the short class and that’s where my buddy was placed along with two new comers to the division!  It was close, but I did get beat out and got 2nd!! She was leaner (tiny little thing!! 🙂 ) I do have the muscle mass, but it just isn’t showing enough even still!  Next time, I’ll get her!!  🙂

This show was a fun one also because there were so many guest posers including Pro Body Builder Tony Freeman!!  He graciously took photos with me!!  How cool!!  I’m starting to get a collection of these!!  Jay Cutler, Phil Heath, Tony Freeman…wow!!  That’s as cool to me as my trophies…well almost!!  These are some great guys and very dedicated to the business!!  Say what you want, but they put in some serious hard hard work!!  And it shows!!

I want to thank all of you for so much encouragement and support!!  I couldn’t be more proud to represent Red Fox and all of you out there following along!!  I’ll keep at it and see where it all goes!  We do have some really neat things coming up that I can’t wait to tell you all!!  Until then, let’s just keep enjoying the journey…both yours and mine!  Let’s keep active in all High 5 areas and be at our best for whatever comes our way!!

Much love!!



4 thoughts on “Grandville Stats are in!! My Healthy Lifestyle Pays Off!”

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  2. So proud of u your hard work and dedication is paying off you’ll only get better from here on out ! ~ You Rock Pam ~ Xoxo

  3. Congratulations, Pamela! I’ve really enjoyed learning about your journey to the latest competition – and your overall journey to accomplish your goals and stay positive throughout it all. You’re an inspiration to us all!

    1. You’ve been a part of it all Laura!! We help motivate each other!! Thanks for all your encouragement and support!! ~Pamela

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