Quinoa – Protein source!

Red Quinoa

I love rice!!  But rice doesn’t love me!!  As many of you know…White rice is worthless!  Nutritionally speaking that is!  It gives nothing to you except a filler!  I have found that there are so many other foods out there that I really don’t need it!  Brown rice or wild rice that are whole grains are good complex carbs to eat, but I just can’t have them even day!  so, to add some nutritional and flavor value to the meal, we add in quinoa ( pronounced kinwa).  I love the red kind because it makes my plate pretty!  I know…I’m a girl!  🙂 Quinoa is an excellent source of complete proteins and whole grains so go ahead and explore with this one.  Use it just like rice or…they have quinoa flour to bake with and also noodles!!  I love them in my spaghetti! Here’s something that we typically do around our house (and yes…our kids love it too!)

Quinoa w/ Red and Yellow Peppers

Mixed Baby Bell Peppers
  • 1 cup Red Quinoa
  • 2 Red Baby Peppers
  • 2 Yellow Baby Peppers
  • Sea Salt & Grund Black Pepper to taste

Add all ingredients into rice cooker and add in 2 cups water and press go!! That’s it!  I know…Gotta keep it simple for me!  Be sure to start this before all other cooking.  It does take a bit to get finished!  If you don’t have a rice cooker, know that it takes about 20-30 min in a 1 qt pot.  Stirring frequently!



2 thoughts on “Quinoa – Protein source!”

  1. Absolutley Luv Quinoa it’s my go too source of comlpete protien and so much more i don’t even do brown rice antmore! im going too mix the Quinoa,Cauliflower Medley and Scallops together YUM!!!

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