Booty Challenge Work out!

This is to be done Every other day!! June is the month of the Booty at So…We have a group on our Facebook called Red Fox Fitness Monthly Challenge. We will pick a different Body part each month and keep adding to our work outs!! May was the Burpee/Push up/Sit up Challenge and now we have Booty Time!

To make things easier, we’ve added a video to show you how to get it done!

Here’s the actual work out:

1. 20 X – Squats (hold 10# if you are already strong here!)
2. 25 Skaters (side-to-sides)
3. 20 Stair jumps (squat at the top and the bottom)
4. 1 min Wall Sit
5. 15 each side Two-step step ups w/ back kick (hold weights in your hands if you can!)
6. 1 min Supermans
Repeat 3 x’s time yourself!

Do these every other day…stay consistent with these. They will build on each other and you’ll get stronger. Time yourself and do it all at once!! No breaking these up! You should be out of breath in some of these and your legs will be burning!! Ideally, you’ll do burps and push ups and sit ups on the “off” days!! add this to your regular work outs! 🙂 Keep in mind this is about 1/4th of what a “Boot Camp” would look like! 🙂


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