Weight Loss Tip #4

Throw out the Diet’s and live healthy and eat clean!

Throw out the “Diet” stuff and get to know what real, clean food is!!

Eating clean means whole foods!! Foods that came from what God made and very little processing…no additives!

The word “Diet” is tricky!!  It’s a ploy by the Food industry to get you to buy more junk!!  We need to stop being lead astray and get smart!!  Really, get wise!! Diet foods are made to keep us hooked and make you spend.  They would have you think that you NEED these in order to lose weight!  It’s not true!  Clean, healthy eating is the key to a lean body within health and fitness. Whole foods, complex carbs, and things grown on farms closest to your home is best!! Learn to know what these are and implement them into your life!!

Veggies! There are so many of these bad boys that you can test and see all of the ones YOU enjoy!! Go ahead and explore with them!

Honestly, it’s never been easier to have clean foods right at your finger tips!!  Do a little extra cooking at your meals and package them up for another meal and you are all set to go! Measure out almonds and carrots and veggies and snacks and have them “at the ready”. Keep a cooler always available for your running around and errands time so you have food available.  This way you won’t be led astray to make bad choices because you are starving!!


It’s important to take care of yourself!!  And, you are also being a much better example to your family!!  When my kids know that we are going somewhere, they start packing for the car…and I mean food!!  Never leave home without any!

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One thought on “Weight Loss Tip #4”

  1. The first 3 words in diet are die ., and your right we need too get back too the basics and just eat clean as possible and watch our portions ! It’s a lifestyle and that needs too be enbraced and not a diet!

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