Weight Loss Tip #5

ImageYou don’t have to go it alone!!  Work out with a friend, co-worker, spouse, one of your children (yes they motivate me!!) or an online group to get you going and keep you accountable!! Having a partner in your weight loss journey not only makes it more fun, but also aids in accountability!!  Let’s face it, some days the motivation can really fade (even for me!!) and it’s nice to be able to be encouraged when you don’t feel like getting the job done (or vice vera!).  Together, you’ll get your waistlines slim and trim! Image

I’ve found that when the going gets tough, the tough are surrounded by accountability that’s set up way in advance!!  I anticipate my down times by being surrounded with family, friends, co-workers and my kids to keep me on track!!  I sure wouldn’t want to let them down!!

We are always willing to do more for others than we do for ourselves!!  So, Get yourself a partner and surround yourself with accountability!



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