Weight loss tip #6 You gotta still live a life!

Take care of your body… and enjoy your life!

Go and enjoy your life!!  It’s a lifestyle…NOT a diet!

  • You know that you need to eat veggies!!
  • You know that you need a protein source and a Complex Cab source at every meal.
  • You know that your meals need to be in the right portions.
  • You even have learned to enjoy and take in this new-found lifestyle!!

AWESOME!!  However…

Not all of life allows for this new-found lifestyle!! 

What about…

…Little Suzies graduation party

…Cousin Eddie is getting married

…4th of July is coming and all they are serving is potato salad and hot dogs and apple pie with ice cream!!!!

…My Son has a birthday next week and yes he wants a party and “Mom, I want cake and ice cream at the party!!”

…Our friends from down state are coming up to visit for the weekend and they want to go out to eat and relax at the beach!

ok…ok…I get it!  Life is still happening around you and quite frankly, you don’t want to miss it!!  Well…then don’t!! Yup! You heard me right!  You are in this for the long haul!!  It’s NOT a diet!  It’s a lifestyle.  With a lifestyle, there’s life in it!  At least I sure hope so!  Yes, you may be surprised to know that I eat cake…even ice cream!  Now, I don’t do it every day and when I do, I keep it in check!!  There are some foods that I simply don’t EVER buy or keep in the house!!  EVER!!  They are the foods that when I do eat them, I tend to go off on a binge and eat like crazy!! These foods are different for every one!!

Counting Carbs….No need!!

I also don’t have company or parties or gatherings every week!!  My waist line just couldn’t handle it!! The good news is, most gatherings, I’m asked to bring a “little something”  Yeah!!  That means that I can be sure to have some foods on hand that I can know they are within the limits for myself!!

What about those times when you just don’t have any control??  Well, enjoy life!  A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to come to Wisconsin with my Mom to go to my nieces graduation party! I had the trip up and the party for two days and the trip back…  I can pack a cooler, but not that good!!  lol!  I’m on a pretty stricked diet and the whole thing made my mother (and kids for that matter) a bit nervous!  How was I going to do this trip?  The truth?  I simply enjoyed the time!!  True fitness is all about the entirety of life!!  Not just the work outs or the foods!! It’s also the relationships and learning how to go with the flow of it all (Mental fitness!) and walking through my life how God would see fit!  I wouldn’t have missed that time for anything!!  I’m proud of  my niece and love my brother and his wife and family!  It was a great time and we had loads of laughs with my very cool Mom!!  How was my eating through it all??  I ate some sweets and cheesy potatoes and even open fired a hot dog or two!  On the way home (cooler was empty) I had fast food!!  Ok, that one I paid for dearly!!  But, you get the idea!  Did I beat myself up and throw out my diet and all my competitions??  NO WAY!!!  I’m right back on track!  And…Im fine about it!  I’m glad I went and I didn’t over do it!  We saw the Mackinaw Bridge, some weird spot that the poor energy is off and you can lean way to the side and not fall over!!  The whole house is leaned!  Something about the gravity pull!!

The point is, if you have a birthday, eat a simple piece of cake!  Over the course of your life, it won’t kill ya!  You need to be able to live!!  Don’t buy cake and keep it in your house, but enjoy your son’s birthday!!  You have my permission to be guilt free!!  After all, you are celebrating a precious gift…someones life!!

Berry-licous Pie…Jim’s Favorite! not an every day thing! lol

Today, I’m making something that Jim loves (food wise)…fruit pie!  I call it “Berry-licous” It is a pie that I make from 5 different fresh fruits.  It’s just coming out of the oven!!  Why?  Because it’s Fathers Day!!  I’m proud of all that Jim does for our family and how much he loves the kids!!  So, to honor him, I’m doing something that would mean a ton!!  One of my Home made pies!! (never make them anymore!!)  He’s going to love it!!  And…I’m having a piece and savoring every single bite!!

So, go enjoy your life and allow yourself to live in it!  You are smart enough to know that you don’t buy all of it and keep it in your house!!  You are smart enough to know that you don’t over-induldge and you DON’T do it every day!  But…you can have some to keep peace and still live in your life!

Big Hugs!!



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