July… Ab-O-Licious Challenge!

Pamela Smith Ab-O-Licious!

Here’s the two version of our Ab Challenge for the month of July!!  Let’s get hit this one hard Challengers!!  All my survey’s have told me that abs are the first place y’all look at in pictures and in person of fit people!!  Let’s ALL have stunning abs then and make heads spin!!  Hahaha!!

If you want to see Abs…Here’s a link to mine!  Ck it out and then get to work!! 

At Home Work Out:

Repeat 3 times for time!!  You can do this every day!!!  Yup Yup!!

At the gym (more advanced) Even days

Repeat 3 times for time…back-to-back!  No stopping

At Gym Odd Days

Repeat 4 times…feel free to add a bit of weights to your feet.

If you are not part of our Face Book Challenge group…come join us!!  We do a new challenge every month!  Typically, they are at home challenges with items you have already at your house!! Here’s the link:  Red Fox Fitness Monthly Challenge Group


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