Weight Loss Tip #7 – Lift…Lift…Lift!

Pamela Running on a treadmill

There is a MYTH out there (rightly so…I do get it) that we only lose weight by doing cardio training…WRONG!!!  Cardio has its place, that much is true!!  But we need to be smart about it!  We don’t want to just get “skinny”, we want to get “FIT”!!  That takes sculpting our bodies and we do that by lifting weights!!

Red Fox in the gym…Lifting!!

OK ladies…I can hear you all the way from here!!  “Lifting weights will make me bulky!”  This one is difficult for me to show you!  I can only give you 2-D pictures!!  I am a natural athlete – meaning, I don’t take male hormones and I don’t block female ones.  I like being a girl!!!  I just happen to like loads of curvy, sexy lean muscle right along with that!  I’ve been lifting on and off most of my life…even as a middle school/high school athlete (which is rare when I was young – I’m 42!)  All this time, I’ve never been huge, or bulky!  I’m not now!!  I’m the most muscular that I have ever been and…I’m STILL not bulky!  I wear my size 2 dress slacks and they hang on me!!  Any of you ladies who won’t lift…for the record, sz 2 is not big!!  lol  Glad we could clear that up!!  🙂

Lifting weights does a few things for our bodies.  

  • Lifting gives us a much higher burning calories rate!!  This is called our BMR or Basic Metabolic Rate.  Bottom line:  Burn calories even while you sleep at a higher rate!
  • Firm, tight muscles.  No more jiggle!
  • More energy.  No more tired yawning all the time feeling!
  • Increase in strength
  • Decrease in Body Fat %
Cardio training (even if you are eating clean!) will only get you weight loss… You say wait a minute!!  That is what I want!  Well…sorta.  Here’s the deal.  When we only have cario happening, our bodies take its fuel and burns from every thing it can get it’s hands on!  The easiest for it to use as energy for that wonderful cardio is protein or in other words…our muscle!!  It will take from our muscle and burn it up and leave the body fat alone!  What’s left??  Sweat, laundry and Body Fat!!
When losing weight, what we really want is to get rid of forever our extra body fat!!  We don’t need it and it doesn’t let us fit into our clothes very well.  Not to mention it’s just not great to look at in the mirror or on the beach!!  WE want to get rid of this Body Fat so that we have energy for days!!
When we do only constant level cardio training, we are forcing our hand on our bodies…seems great at first!  WE start dropping weight.  But what happens is your body says “ok…you’ve got this now! You really don’t need me to produce any energy hormones.  So, I’ll shut that down.”  Now…You have to keep up the hour or two of cardio each and every day in order to maintain the look you want!!!  You lay off for a day or two or a week…look out!!
Not so true when you have weight lifting going on!  You build the muscle and it will reward you with the energy and fat burning that you’re looking for!

So go ahead….slow down on the cardio and go ahead and LIFT!!  Lifting is good for sculpting our bodies and giving us lean, tight, firm bodies that are sexy and full of energy!  So Lift and lift heavy!  Make it count by using those muscles to capacity!  It’s worth the effort and helps in your permanent weight loss goals!!


Jim and Pamela Smith

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