Dream Big!!

I just have a quick thought for the day…something I learned long, long ago…

If you can dream it…you can achieve it!

  • It may take longer than you think
  • It may push you harder then you ever thought possible
  • It may alter your surroundings
  • It may look a bit different then the original setting
  • It may bring you right up to your breaking point


If you can DREAM it…you CAN achieve it!!

Keep it close to your heart and keep running towards the beauty that God has placed within your heart!! A dream is a gift…It you were able to envision it…see it within your own minds eye…then it’s possible!! If it’s possible, then you can do it! Keep at it!

I know that with anything I’ve ever gone after, I’ve had to adjust and reevaluate often and regularly. It takes adjusting to the needs! I don’t always see all that is needed or necessary right from the beginning, but I do have the overall picture planted firmly. It’s our job to keep walking toward the finish line…no matter the obstacle!! Keep at it!!


Go make your day great!!



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