Red Fox Fitness Matcha
Red Fox Fitness Matcha

Matcha – The whole Green Tea Leaf!

Matcha is a source like no other!  I drink this EVERY morning!

  • Matcha boosts the fat burning machine!
  • It raises your metabolism!
  • It gives you energy! It does all this and still keeps you calm to think clearly.
  • It build your immune system with Antioxidants far surpassing even blueberries & pomegranates!! It has an ORAC rating of over 1300 units per gram to where pomegranates have 105 units per gram and blueberries have 91!
  • It’s rich in fiber (keeps you full longer!)

Make this a New Years Habit!  It’s such an easy one to start!  6oz of Almond Milk in a shaker bottle, 1/2 tsp Matcha and a little stevia to taste and you’re good to go!!

For a Matcha Ordering Click Here!

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4 thoughts on “Matcha”

    1. OMG!!! YES!!! It is the whole leaf and all the benefits of eating the whole leaf. Think of it this way…which is better eating the broccoli or just drinking the water you steamed it in??

      I drink it every day!!


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