Boys Fitness Camp: 6th – 9th Grade

Slide1Middle school & Freshman can be tough!  Lots of changes, kids are moving in and out of  schools, your son may love sports, but not making the team, bullying, the list goes on and on!

I am VERY familiar with these issues!  I know through having raised one son through it, and having another smack in the middle of it all, the middle school and Freshman years can be tough!  We address these issues in an environment that boys can relate to…EXTREME  running, jumping and all around FITNESS!  Boys just can’t sit still (unless they are behind a video game!!)

The RFF Boys Fitness Camp is about health and fitness.  It’s about being able to push the limits physically, but within an age appropriate realm!!  While we are doing this activity, each week we have a theme to memorize and talk about and share some of their experiences!

Themes such as:  No Bullying!  Team Work!  Self-esteem!  and Going for the Goal!

Red Fox Fitness has ZERO tolerance for negativity…towards others OR towards themselves!  We are about encouraging others to go beyond what they thought possible!

We still have room so call for details of how to sign up your son!  So far it’s a great group…one you won’t want to have your son miss out on!

Cost is $100.00.  You can pay in person along with turning in their Health Forms or you can pay below.  There is a small $5.00 fee for paying online.


Download your Health Forms Here:

Health History Questionnaire & Consent Form


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