BIG News for Red Fox!! Matcha – Our Own Label!

Order  yours today!!
Order yours today!!

I have been drinking Matcha since..FOREVER!!  Ok not forever…but a really really long time!  Matcha has soooooo many benefits to it!

  • Cancer fighter!
  • Calming Focus!
  • Energy time!!
  • (My favorite) FAT BURNER!!!
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Daily Detoxifier
  • On and On and On…

I started drinking Matcha because I needed to ability to think clearly without getting so darn distracted after I had my forth child…The side benefit???  I LOST WEIGHT!!  I wasn’t doing anything differently and was dropping the weight.  The only thing that had changed in my habits was I was drinking Matcha!

40g Matcha $38.00
40g Matcha $38.00

Matcha has caffeine it’s true…but it’s not the caffeine that does the trick!  Nope!  It’s the Catechin EGCg’s – Cancer fighting agents (more than any other Food!), and the Calm-Alertness from the Amina Acid L-Theanin combined with the major B vitamins that make Matcha torch your metabolism without any side effects of jitters, heart palpitations, and the like!  Matcha is also a natural detoxifier.   The beautiful green color derives from the Chlorophyll in the shade grown plant that removes toxins from our bodies to help them function more efficiently!

Red Fox couldn’t be more excited to announce that they are now able to carry the potent Superfood from Japan!  These Baby Green Tea Leaves that are stone ground super fine are an awesome addition to a daily routine to get your day started on the right path to your Health and Fitness!

Order your Matcha today and see for  yourself just how good it feels and great it tastes to get healthy!! Easy as 1…2…3!  Measure, Shake, Enjoy!!

Matcha Label
  40g/90g/120g  Red Fox Fitness Premium Grade Matcha…………………………. $38.00/$70.00/$99.00ea   Order Here  


on Square Market

*Disclaimer:  Red Fox Fitness is not suggesting that Matcha is a remedy or cure for health ailments.  RFF recommends contacting a physician for any medical problems that you amy be experiencing.

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  1. Awesome and happy new year! I would still love to attend your sculpting class but need evening times please let me know.



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