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confused lady on scaleHave you ever wondered why oh why can’t I just make losing weight, being healthy and getting fit a part of my life? Have you ever yo-yo back and forth with your weight and thought about going on a ‘Diet’ again?!

I understand! I use to weigh in over 240# and was a size 16 (and it was creeping up)!

There’s so much more to weight loss and fitness than a diet or just some pill or simple foods that we can eat! There’s more to it then just some exercise routine! It’s NOT easy! It’s not easy at all…

But it can be simple!

What?!?! I know…You’ve head so much that it’s hard to imagine that fitness isn’t difficult at best! You see, our emotions, past, eating, habits, surroundings and even injuries!!  They all seem to get in the way and then there’s the barrage of information out there to sift through! Who has time to figure it all out!

Well, Red Fox Fitness wants to help! We have a way to get you started on the right path and we want to address all of the above! So, no matter what your personal issue seems to be, we want to address it and show you some clear answers!

We are giving you access to 7 weeks of FREE videos; links sent straight to your email! You can listen and watch in the privacy of your own home or phone and decide for yourself what areas you need to work on the most! We’ll help you get started by giving you action steps so you can build confidence in your journey (notice I didn’t’ say diet!!)

If you would like to receive this incredible offer…no strings attached…then click the picture below!

Honestly, we know how busy you are and that trust is always an issue…Please note that we won’t pass on, sell or advertise your private information to anyone!  We are just here to help as long as YOU want us to be there!

So click the picture/link below now!  This is a limited time offer only from Red Fox Fitness!

Click Here for FREE Video
Click the picture for the ability to get the FREE Fitness Video Series! Act Now!! This is a limited time offer from Red Fox Fitness!

As always, we are here to help!  If you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to email us at

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Red Fox Fitness Pamela DeVrou Smith

  • Pamela “Red Fox” Smith
  • 115 E. North Main St.
  • Waxhaw, NC 28173

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