Red Fox Fitness Gym Membership Winners are…

Red Fox Metal SignOn October 11th, The Rotary Club of Waxhaw had a Pancake breakfast over at our Red Fox Fitness Gym!  We were able to utilize the Cafe to serve Waxhaw’s very own Stacks Pancakes and Sausage!  We had tables and chairs and LOTS of decorations in the Zumba and Yoga room – it looked great!
During this day of festivities, we had a ‘Give-Away’ at Red Fox…5 Free Dri Fit T-Shirts and 10 Bronze Gym Memberships of the winners choice (Unlimited Gym or Unlimited Classes).
As promised, the announcement of those winners is here!  We drew names from the big pickle jar and the winners are as follows:
Red Fox Dri Fit T-Shirt Winners:
  1. Cherie Carter
  2. Jennifer Osborne
  3. Sheri Newton
  4. Carol Robins
  5. Val Koehler
RFF Bronze Gym Membership Winners:
  1. Katheryn Kiffmeyer
  2. Catherine Barnes
  3. Thea Rossano
  4. Janie Shoup
  5. Jason Carter
  6. Sheila Simpson
  7. Les Burns
  8. Bob Peters
  9. Sandra Platt
  10. Jade Kiker
Congratulations to all of our winners!  To claim your winnings, please stop by the Red Fox Fitness Gym at 115 E. North Main St. in downtown Waxhaw.  We are located at the Old Fire Station across from the Walking Bridge on the corner!
You can find the New Schedule by clicking the Link below.

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