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24 day challenge…I’m in!

The Whole 24 day package!!  Join in!!
The Whole 24 day package!! Join in!!

Since I’m opening up the gym this year…I’ve decided to NOT do any competitions this year!  That doesn’t mean though that I can’t still have goals!  Since having all the stress of opening up this lovely little “brick-n-mortar” here in Waxhaw, NC, my body has played havoc on me!!  I have been stressed, stressed, stressed!  Which means serious cortisol (stress hormone) has been released!  Boy do I feel it!  Does that mean I’m not taking care of myself?  HECK NO!!  I’m doing all the right things…I just need a little boost to get myself back in line!

One of the products that I like is Advocare.  Yes…I do!  It’s simple – 4 lines of products!  It’s easy to use – booklets to go along with whatever you’re doing!  And, It’s a short process!

The 24 day challenge is what I’m on (and go on when I get ready to cut for a competition!).  There are two phases to the challenge:

  1. 10 day Cleanse Phase (I use Peaches and Cream!!) – I have a hard time tolerating most cleanses! Honestly, most of them tear me up!  The Advocare one I can do!  It’s a system of Fiber, probiotics, and the cleanser itself.  The Peaches-n-Cream tastes awesome!  Remember the Orange Julius??  That’s what it reminds me of.
  2. 14 day Nutrition Max Phase  After the cleanse is the perfect time to stuff your system full of as much nutrition as possible – ESPECIALLY if you are trying to lose weight!  Weight loss can be hard on your system!  The depletion and feed deficit can be hard.  Help this process out by filling your body with nutrients to support the weight loss!  Losing body fat will be easier with these two phases!  Your body will be more willing to go through the process!

I’m going to try to post here not only my story (complete with pictures!), but some others as well!  I have a few people on the program and we’ve already had awesome results!  I’ll see if I can get them to show the journey along with me!  Maybe we’ll inspire a few of you out there as well!  If you get involved before October 25th and do the Challenge, you could be eligible to win $200!!  We could all use $200 and less weight!  Join us and let’s see what YOUR results will be!

If  you have any questions, feel free to email me here!

Also, check out the products themselves at this part of the website! Red Fox Fitness Advocare 24 day challenge!

Here’s how to enter:

  • Take a Selfie with a newspaper where the date of the paper is showing!  It has to be between Oct 17th – Oct 25th!
  • Weigh yourself and let RFF know what it is!  We’ll help you keep track!
  • Order your 24 Day Challenge through RFF (Call us!  We’ll help you out!)
  • Then be DEDICATED!!  Anyone can do something for 24 days, right?

We need at least 6 in the contest for it to count for the $200 winnings!  So go tell your friends and coworkers!  

To help you keep track, here’s our very own RFF Weekly Check-In form!  Download it! See…we want you to be successful!!  We will help in any way that we can!  Let’s do this!

RFF Weekly Check-In File



Red Fox Fitness is Officially Open!

Slide1We are only weeks away from starting classes and opening up the gym!! We are taking memberships now for a limited time at a discounted rate! So HURRY and sign up! You’ll get 1/2 OFF of your Registration!! Feel free to call at (704) 488-5121 if you have any questions! Here are the forms that you’ll need to fill out or take a look at!!

Health History Questionnaire & Consent Form

Membership Agreement

Rules of Conduct


September RFF Class Schedule

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BIG News for Red Fox!! Matcha – Our Own Label!

Order  yours today!!
Order yours today!!

I have been drinking Matcha since..FOREVER!!  Ok not forever…but a really really long time!  Matcha has soooooo many benefits to it!

  • Cancer fighter!
  • Calming Focus!
  • Energy time!!
  • (My favorite) FAT BURNER!!!
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Daily Detoxifier
  • On and On and On…

I started drinking Matcha because I needed to ability to think clearly without getting so darn distracted after I had my forth child…The side benefit???  I LOST WEIGHT!!  I wasn’t doing anything differently and was dropping the weight.  The only thing that had changed in my habits was I was drinking Matcha!

40g Matcha $38.00
40g Matcha $38.00

Matcha has caffeine it’s true…but it’s not the caffeine that does the trick!  Nope!  It’s the Catechin EGCg’s – Cancer fighting agents (more than any other Food!), and the Calm-Alertness from the Amina Acid L-Theanin combined with the major B vitamins that make Matcha torch your metabolism without any side effects of jitters, heart palpitations, and the like!  Matcha is also a natural detoxifier.   The beautiful green color derives from the Chlorophyll in the shade grown plant that removes toxins from our bodies to help them function more efficiently!

Red Fox couldn’t be more excited to announce that they are now able to carry the potent Superfood from Japan!  These Baby Green Tea Leaves that are stone ground super fine are an awesome addition to a daily routine to get your day started on the right path to your Health and Fitness!

Order your Matcha today and see for  yourself just how good it feels and great it tastes to get healthy!! Easy as 1…2…3!  Measure, Shake, Enjoy!!

Matcha Label
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Red Fox Fitness Salmon
Red Fox Fitness Salmon

Omega’s at it’s finest!

Salmon is a GREAT source of protein, it’s true!  However, Salmon is also one of the “good fats” on our list!  Salmon is the perfect source to boost your metabolism AND protect your heart at the same time!  It is LOADED with Omega’s (essential fatty acids that our body needs).  It has 4023mg of Omega 3’s and 1185mg of Omega 6’s!

Don’t leave this one out!  If you don’t like fish much, try the farm raised kind.  It’s much milder!   Continue reading Salmon


Red Fox Fitness Eggland's Best Eggs
Red Fox Fitness Eggland’s Best Eggs

Protein helps lean a body out, takes longer to digest so you stay full longer, and revs up your metabolism!  No exercise program is complete without it!  Eggs are a great and easy source of the Belly Fat burners program!  When looking for how much…strive to have no less than 80% of your ideal body weight!  So, I’m about 140# that would mean that I want no less than 112gr per day!

Other Protein sources are fish, nuts, chicken, lean beef, bison, & venison!

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Beans…Yes they ARE good! And Good for You!


I hate being hungry!

No worries about that with these little babies around!  Beans…legumes have all kinds of nutrients, but one of their BEST qualities is the “I’m full” factor!  These guys are chock-full of fiber which aides in weight loss because you just don’t get as hungry!  They are the RIGHT kind of complex carbs that your body needs for energy and to keep your cholesterol  in check!

So, don’t be afraid to work with these!  You’re belly fat will shrink!!

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