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The Eye of the Storm!

Throwback Thursday…this is from when I lived in Michigan, however, it all still applies! Enjoy! ~Pamela

Red Fox Fitness

RFF Lady BugI had a baaaad week last week.   No, I mean it.   So much so, that I couldn’t sleep on top of all that I was feeling and going through.  “You look so tired.  Are you ok?”  was  a common question last week.  The problem was, I was tired and worn out and frazzled.  How do I get to my own personal daily “High 5” and talk to others about being in this zone when all this other “stuff” is going on?

It is such a legitimate question!   The truth is I need weeks like last week to remind myself that this life thing can be very difficult and being Healthy and Fit in all 5 areas isn’t easy to do.  Some of us are facing pressures that are way beyond “normal”.  We have disappointments, frustrations, deadlines, and pressures that bring us way over the top.  On top of that…

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Red Fox…Before and After

Red Fox...Before and After

Any one can achieve the desired results that they are looking for. It takes a decision, a plan of action, accountability, and time.

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9/11 Remembered

ImageI can’t tell you enough how 9/11 gripped my heart!  As maybe we all do, I remember the day…the moment…even the smell in the air as the newscaster went on and on-all of it seemed surreal.  I had a new baby boy and it was my brother-in-laws wedding.  We had been having such a great week celebrating with the family.  We were “Up North” (remote Traverse City area) visiting at the time.  Our kids were young and playing wondering why Mommy was crying so hard and why all the adults were glued to the TV in such shock!  

I wasn’t there…but felt so much pain for all those who were!  Story after story came out…tragedy after tragedy…family lost…our country lost…it was an awful day in our history!  We were attacked!  Ruthlessly!  

Patriotism runs deep within my family!  “Stand proud of who you are and where you come from!”  “Be proud of your name!”  This holds true for being an American Citizen!  I’m proud of our country…for the men and women who have fought for our rights and our freedoms!  For our RIGHT to believe in God “In God we trust” for the right to practice our beliefs…our beliefs in Jesus Christ.  The pilgrims were persecuted and told that they couldn’t practice out their faith…so they came here to the colonies.  I’m proud of our history. The Rock on which our country stands.  The Freedoms and the privilege to be responsible with them!  That does not mean to run “willy-nilly” as my Dad would’ve said and do whatever we want!  No.  We have to respect ourselves and those around us!  Too many think that respect others means to allow anyone to say and do whatever they want around us!  

9/11 goes back so much further than our country….it goes back to a fundamental difference…a difference in core values and beliefs. We became vulnerable…and still are!  More so even today than during 9/11.  We are rolling over and allowing any and all to say and do what they feel like at the time so we don’t “Offend”  That is NOT what God teaches.  If we don’t stand firm in our convictions (with respect toward other people…yes…but firm!)…who will??  

I am a person…we are a country…that believes in “God we trust”.  It’s how we were founded.  I make no apologies and excuses for that!  I will honor you as a person even if you don’t believe in God.  I may even be sorry that you are upset with my convictions…but I stand firm in who I am and how I believe.  It’s no different than I make no apologies for being a woman or for being a red head.  It’s who I am.  

God’s word says “Let your no be no and your yes, yes.”  Stand firm.  With love.  It’s the hardest thing to do!  

I understand  how difficult this is!  I have been attacked in the past not because of something that I’ve done…but because of WHO I AM!  The values that I profess were tested over and over.  My life literally was threatened because the person on the other side didn’t like me as a person…my values and my convictions.  It’s an awful position to have someone look at you with hatred because of WHO you are!  

My heart aches…always for the victims and families of 9/11.  I am so sorry for the loss.  I can’t imagine what it feels like!  May we as a country learn form our past and stand firm in our convictions…with love…not rolling over and pretending that we are not who we are!!   But by being proud and standing firm in our values and convictions before, during and after…always!  

May all those that died in 9/11 rest in peace and may their family and friends heal from the loss.  May we as a country continue to honor and respect them…and ourselves as a country-without apology!  


With Love and Honor,



Dream Big!!

I just have a quick thought for the day…something I learned long, long ago…

If you can dream it…you can achieve it!

  • It may take longer than you think
  • It may push you harder then you ever thought possible
  • It may alter your surroundings
  • It may look a bit different then the original setting
  • It may bring you right up to your breaking point


If you can DREAM it…you CAN achieve it!!

Keep it close to your heart and keep running towards the beauty that God has placed within your heart!! A dream is a gift…It you were able to envision it…see it within your own minds eye…then it’s possible!! If it’s possible, then you can do it! Keep at it!

I know that with anything I’ve ever gone after, I’ve had to adjust and reevaluate often and regularly. It takes adjusting to the needs! I don’t always see all that is needed or necessary right from the beginning, but I do have the overall picture planted firmly. It’s our job to keep walking toward the finish line…no matter the obstacle!! Keep at it!!


Go make your day great!!


Happy Beautiful Easter!! He is Risen!

I just want to say a quick note:
Happy Easter!!!
Yes the Cross is important…without it we wouldn’t stand a chance to be redeemed! We could never have full hearts knowing that all has been forgiven! What Jesus did on that cross and how He was brutally beaten for OUR sins is an amazing thing. We don’t deserve such love shown to us and yet there it is…a gift for us to recieve whenever we are ready to open it!

However, what is even more beautiful to me is the Stone…It did NOT stay out in front of that tomb!!! It was rolled away by the power of the Resurrection!!! Jesus didn’t just die…He arose!! He conquered our sins and finished that phase of His Journey for us!! How beautiful! I pray that today, you know He lives!

Happy Easter!! May God bless you richly!


Lean Chicken Sausage, Chicken and Veggie eggs, & Sweet Potato w/ Cinnamon

Chicken Veggie Eggs & Sweet Potato w/ Cinnamon and a side of Lean Chicken Sausage

So you may know that my diet is a bit limited and yet I eat quite a well-rounded variety!  Many of you have seen Grocery Shopping with Red Fox and Chef…There is a HUGE variety there!  What seems to be most important is how in the heck do you combine the foods and cook them…while still making them appealing both visually and tastefully!  Take a look around at our Fuel For Our Bodies and try out some of Chef Fox’s ideas!  They are really easy!  AND most importantly, they do taste great!!  he always says “You don’t have to give up taste to have healthy and it doesn’t need to look like dog food!!”

Here’s what I had for breakfast (it’s quite a staple for me at this point!)

Lean Chicken Sausage, Chicken and Veggie eggs, & Sweet Potato w/ Cinnamon

Lean Chicken Sausage:

  • Come in links…High in protein, low in fat and Carbs
  • Slice and pan fry (no oil)

Chicken and Veggie eggs

  • Dice up veggies of choice (here are red, orange and yellow peppers, asparagus, green onion)
  • Sautee them lightly (one min) add egg whites and scramble (The veggies add a bit of variety to the Whites-keeps them from tasting bland!)
  • Add in Diced cooked chicken (we cook up a bunch of chicken at the beginning of the week for our breakfast or packed lunches!)

Sweet Potato w/ Cinnamon

  • Microwave a small Sweet Potato for 3-6 min (depending on sz)
  • Mash inside of S.P. with whipped butter 1/2 tsp (must be real butter!! NO Margarine)
  • Sprinkle with cinnamon to taste


Happy Breakfast!!