Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness seems self explanatory.  However, we seem to be more confused then ever.  We will look into how to get fit and why and how to have some fun doing it!  Enjoy!

Coming Soon…  A BodyLastic Work Out that you can do at home or away!! 

Lifted Bum Dimple Free Thighs!!

Get Sexy Arms-Lose the Fat! Build the Muscle!

For great Shoulders and Core...Try adding this super-set at least once a week!

Journey Back From Letting Myself Go

Let's Get Moving and Have Some Fun!

With my son playing football and my hubby complaining of old injuries, I've been interested in how to best help out when it comes to certain complaints of pain. The first in this Injury Training Series is within the shoulders. Hurting our shoulders is a common injury. One that can plague you for a long time to come. While there are different reasons for injuries, a common complaint...

I’ve been hearing “I need work” or “I need to lose weight” But then I hear all the reasons why they can’t do it. The bottom line with any program is the one you will...
Ever hear about the changes companies make to reinvent themselves? They do it so they can accomplish goals and achieve higher standards. Musicians do it too. You’ll see a group get in shape so they can get a bigger following and handle the concerts! As I was talking with...

Thanks for Sharing this with me Shari Friedman! You are right! Fitness should be fun! Need I say more??

My son wants to play Football...whoa! Now as a mom, this scares me. Hold on now-stick with me! He's 10, my youngest of 6 (yes you heard me right!) and my second boy. I haven't had to deal with this issue much because my boys are these high energetic, active...

For a Sexy Backside & Lower Body!

High 5 Tour!

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