Relational Fitness

Relational fitness is how do we get along with each other and especially since we are all so different (I choose unique)!  We will dive into learning to give each other space to let those unique qualities come out while still respecting each other.  We ALL bring value to the table even though we don’t think and desire the same things!

Jim and Red Fox working together

“If you have nothing encouraging to say, say nothing at all!” Just some thoughts…

Seeing in our own minds 1st is believing!! Sometimes you need to lean on others for this belief until you have your own!

Pamela DeVrou Smith at Anytime Fitness in TC

It’s a little thing but it carries so much weight!

Encourage Life!!

Pamela DeVrou Smith Then….And NOW!!

“I’m not sure if I should do that…What would someone say?” There is a blessing out there that too many of us miss! We are all created unique…different…passions and qualities that only we can fulfill.

To have the habit of honoring and encouraging someone is a rare find…become that person for others!!

“I will always place the mission first. I will never accept defeat. I will never quit. I will never leave a fallen comrade.”

I’ve been noticing lately (again) how my attitude means so much! When I’m down, or angry, or gloomy, it spreads like wildfire! I affect other people. I don’t control them…I affect them. However, the same is said with being happy and encouraging others! It is infectious!! And so needed. Have you ever …

Ever hear about the changes companies make to reinvent themselves? They do it so they can accomplish…

Last night, my husband coughed and coughed. Now he is a 6’2″ 200+ man and when he coughs or rolls over, the bed moves. Last night, the bed moved a lot! I didn’t mind on my end, at least not that night. I tend to stay up late at night and get up early-sleeping is an after thought most nights. This night I just fest sorry for him. There wasn’t much I could do and I wanted to help him so badly!

Ever ride dirt bikes in the mud? Or two-tracking with a truck? Yes, it’s true I grew up in Michigan and that proves it! At any rate… The tires can get pretty thick with mud and sticks and rocks. It gets thrown everywhere! When it comes time to clean it all off though, it can get tough. The longer you wait the harder it…

Take a look at some of the numbers about what women contribute to our Capitalistic society and you will see that we do indeed have great power! We just don’t know it. I have a video that Women on the Fence shared on Facebook this morning and I had to go forward with it. Let me know what you think…

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