Journey To Competition

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We have decided on one more competition for ‘Red Fox’ here at Red Fox Fitness.  There is a National Qualifier right here in Charlotte, NC on October 26th and we are in it!  We are changing gears though…Pamela has already qualified for Nationals in the Woman’s Physique Category.  Now it’s time to take on Woman’s Figure!  Pamela has 10 weeks…let’s see what she can do!

7 weeks out from Worlds!!! WBFF Here I come!

Pamela DeVrou Smith – 2nd place!

Pamela Smith – 2 Weeks Out from Grand Rapids Competition!

Red Fox 1

4th place smile…I’ve come a long way!

Lat pull downs

Red Fox Sumo’s

Pamela right before going on to the night show!

Red Fox Saying Thank You for all the Encouragement and support!

I’ve lost almost an INCH in my waist in one week!!

Two Months Out!

There’s more to it than sculpted abs!

First Time Practice Posing…

Love my DA Active!!

Another Day at the Office…

Jan 31, 2012 3 months done

A Day in the Life of My Eating…

Month 2 of training done! We are getting there!!

Month 1 done!

Decision made!! I’m going to compete…in what really? I want to do some fitness competition, but not body building. There was one here locally in Northern Michigan and a friend of mine was doing it as well. Why not? I had been asked for years to be in one, but all I thought about was looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger and I wanted nothing to do with that (not that I mind look at that :)).

6 thoughts on “Journey To Competition”

  1. Congratulations on your decision to compete. Please remember that there are some of us women “bodybuilders” that are natural and take pride on our efforts. None of us look like Arnold nor sound like men; we have worked hard to achieve our physiques (a 12 year journey for me), yet when women refer to weight training, it seems that they always refer to not wanting “bulk” or getting too “big”. I can tell you that at 5’2″ and 127# in the off season, when I stand next to a 6’1″ 160 # man, I look just as small as the 5’8″ woman who weighs 118#. I would love to follow you on your journey and see you succeed. I challenge your view on weight training and women. It takes tremendous hard work and dedication (beyond what the average woman would do) to get where I am today 🙂

    1. Absolutely Annette!! I couldn’t agree more wholeheartedly!! In reference of what I was fearing-looking like a version of Arnold is NOT what I found when I looked into competitions (as I explained in my blog)! Since I have so much time before my first competition and I am achieving great results so far, I may even go into the actual bodybuilding category in the end! Again, I am almost 160lbs and 5’9! Congratulations on your fine achievements and my hat goes off to you for all you’ve done! There is a BIG difference between natural bodybuilders and those that take hormones to get big. Being a fit woman who makes the most of what God has blessed her with can only be applauded. Thank you for making sure this is clear! And maybe I will see you at some competitions!

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