The Rule of thumb here is to eat 3-4 hours before going to bed.  Keep in mind that protein digest slower the carbs or fats.  So you want protein in this meal.  Also, to clean out your digestive track and to keep you feeling full longer, put fiber in this meal!  We don’t get enough fiber and our bodies need it to stay healthy.

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Orange Spice Grilled Chicken Mixed Green Salad

Salmon Salad & Brown/Wild Rice w/ Black Beans


Taco Salad…Hubby style!

Ok, I put my hubby to work! Here’s a great meal for you and it’s all within portions!! YUM!! I quite enjoyed..
Healthy Sautéed Chicken-RedFoxFitness.com

Chicken Fajitas-w/ Portion Control One of the REAL problems that many of us have is not that we don’t know what’s healthy, or even that we eat unhealthy! The REAL problem stems from our portion sizes! We eat …

Tuna Fish, Squash & Veggies

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