I think I’d rather call these min-meals…Eating every few hours takes eating to feel satisfied throughout the day and therefore fueling our bodies to give us energy throughout!  Here are some of my favorite “go to” snacks.

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Red Fox Snack

Home-made Salsa

Home-made Guacamole

Yes I love to eat! It’s true. I am hungry an awful lot and I need quick “go to” foods so that I can get the nutrition I need and satisfy the hunger all while giving me the energy I need to keep going strong. So here…
Since yesterday’s post was such a huge hit, I’m thinking you want more of this. I know how difficult it is to lose weight! Heck, I’ve done it twice! The first time was over 8 years ago and I lost over 75lbs! I lost track at…

I love smoothies! I know who doesn’t? well, my hubby isn’t that fond of them so I drink them all the time during the day or after school snacks or after work outs! They are so versatile and easy! If I don’t like the flavor, just change it up…

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