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RFF Chest & Shoulder Work Out

On the way to the gym

This was my last work out at the Traverse City, MI Anytime Fitness.  It’s hard to build up the shoulders…at least to have them have a nice rounded look.  So here is some of what I do on a weekly basis.  Try the work out and let me know what you think!

  • Incline Chest press
  • Flat Bench DB press
  • Standing Barbell Press
  • Standing DB Side Extension (not shown)
  • Standing DB Front Extension (not shown)
  • Leaning DB Side Extension
  • 50 Crunches (not shown)
  • 50 reverse crunches w/ leg extension (not shown)


Just keep swimming…

Pamela DeVrou Smith…Back shot 7/2/12

I don’t want to make light of the pressure that it takes to make a dream come true!  I’m in the hunt!  I have been for a while!  It seems that I take so many steps forward and then a few backward and keep switching feet in the process!!

It’s a bit awkward because it’s all so dram public for me!  At least it feels that way on my end!! I have really two hunts going on simultaneously!!  The first one is to get my Pro Card in Women’s Physique Competitions.  I am now 7 weeks away from going after that endeavor for the first time!!  All the other competitions that I’ve been doing up until now have simply been practice!! Tweaking my body and adjusting to what it is that I need to show, adjusting my work outs and getting my body fat % down…all of it has been for this next show!! On Aug 24th and 25th I am heading to Toronto, CA to attend the WBFF World Competition!!  I’m so excited!!  This is my first time at the WBFF and I’ve heard and seen so many great things about it!! I can’t wait to experience it first hand!!  It will be an honor to just be involved…but I know I’m not kidding any of you!!  You’ve been following this journey for 3/4 of a year now!!  WE are on the brink and darn it…I want to WIN!!  I’m not ashamed to admit that!!  hahaha…

The pressure is on…in more ways than one!!

Red Fox Pressure!
  • Jim and the kids and I need passports
  • My car and Jim’s truck are unreliable at best!!  We need to get there!!
  • The WBFF cost more to be involved in!  It’s a much much better show…very entertaining for the crowd.  And, we have to pay for that!!
  • I need to put together my costume!
  • I need new suits…my competition suit won’t work!

The list goes on!

Oh….but it will all be soooo worth it!

I’ve struggled since Grand Rapids in my faith to allow this Big Competition to happen for me and our Little Red Fox “Team”

I’ve worried about the money to get there…and our cars…and how are we going to get off of work…and…and…and…

The bottom line is, God’s got this!!  That’s right!  He really does have a funny way of working out details…it’s our jobs to live and stand in faith as we continue to do what is right!  I haven’t stopped working out!  I am still on the eating plan and have added LOADS to my work out routine to bring my legs tight!!  I’ve lifted, hill sprinted, squatted, lunged, plio jumped, and weighted step-uped until I’ve cried!!  NO really!  My legs are taking a beating right now!!  Well, legs and glutes!!  I’ve been missing the stage, but Jim has been adimate that I need the time to build, recoup and prepare for Toronto!!  I know he’s right…and I’m listening….but there in lies that hard part!

Keeping the faith, while you can’t see the results!!  And, as my favorite little movie “friend” Dori likes to say…. “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…swimming swimming swimming!!”  I HAVE to keep moving forward!!  I am almost there!! I am soooo very close!! You all have encouraged and cheered me on so darn much!!  How can I just stop now?


Here’s my Legs after Grand Rapids 5/31/12
Red Fox Legs 7/2/12


  • I’m tired…do it anyway!
  • I’m hungry….push through!
  • I don’t feel like it today….Get off that couch and go do your work out…no short cuts!!
  • But I’m crying….one more rep Missy!!
  • Doubt and fear set in…reach out and get back on track!!
  • Why am I doing this again?? …look back and remember about inspiring others to follow their dreams!! To get up…Get active…Get fit!!!

All of this leads me to the 2nd Dream that I’m after…Our National Fitness Tour!  Red Fox Fitness has a purpose!!

  • To inspire others to get fit
  • To lead by example how that’s done
  • To show how you can have a Healthy, Active Vibrant lives through living Healthy and Fit out daily in the High 5 areas!
  • To find companies that compliment all High 5 areas of fitness and tell all of you about them!!
  • To do this for ourselves, and our families and friends!

I remember and know first hand what it’s like to let myself go.  To be overweight and lethargic in my own life and to look in the mirror wondering who it was looking back at me!

It doesn’t have to be that way!!  Not in the slightest!!  It’s very possible to have the life of your dreams –  Whatever that may be!

Red Fox 7 weeks out from Worlds

So, here’s my Stats with 7 weeks to go!

  • Weight: 140#
  • BF%:  ??
  • Arm: 12 1/4
  • Chest:  35 1/4
  • Waist:  26
  • Hips:  37
  • Thigh:  21
  • Calve: 14 1/2

Some of my measurements have gone up…but my weight has stayed the same…which means…I have lots more muscle!!  I’ve worked really hard on this!  Especially in my lower body!  My Hamstrings were MIA…not any more!  My glutes were there…but not as High and Tight as they could be!!  They are better!

I will try to post weekly to show the progression and talk about what’s happening along this part of the journey!

I want to thank you for all your AWESOME encouragement and pressing me onward!!  We are definitely dong this together!!  The Red Fox Fitness TEAM!!

Love and Hugs!!!


Fitness for fun…for confidence…for life!

Red Fox

There’s comes a point when you’ve just got to say “ENOUGH”  I don’t know when and where and what that will be for you, but I DO know what you’l get when you make that decision.  Depending on where you are when you start your journey, it may mean you have a way to go, or maybe you just need to firm up and get some energy again, but it’s not a diet or a moment or even a destination really.  It’s a lifestyle!  When you do achieve this, one of the great side benefits is that even though you started out not “feeling it” or wanting to, the fun does come!  It does become something that is enjoyable!

I think this is true because of how utterly great you feel when you start to achieve some results!!  I’ve seen it time and again, sticking with it and hitting some mile-stones and how the excitement starts to build!  Belief that it’s possible to get the results that you are desiring…it’s so exciting!!

I know that it is possible and when you have the fitness and energy again (or maybe for the first time)…confidence comes too!  It’s a side benefit of achievement.  This is true in many areas of setting a goal…any goal and achieving it.  No matter how many times you fall off or come across a set-back, get right back at it and keep moving forward!

  • Regardless of feelings
  • Regardless of your past
  • Regardless of how far you fell
  • Regardless of who’s with you or not


Just keep at it and you WILL get there!!


Standing Dumbbell Curls

Red Fox – Pamela DeVrou Smith

Standing Dumbbell Curls

I like exercises that give you the most work out for your movements!!  I do use others that target a particular area, but for the most part…I’m in the gym enough and always find ways to get the most out of each set/rep/exercise that I do!!

LOVE the Standing Dumbell Curls.  This works the core right along with my bi-cepts!!  That’s working it smart!!

Red Fox Standing DB Curls 1
Red Fox Standing DB Curls 2

Here’s my weekly ck in…Two weeks out from next Competition!

Red Fox Preacher Curls…Pamela is doing 70#!!

Here’s my weekly update for ya!!

Haven’t missed a work out!!  I am feeling so much better than when I went to Dearborn or to Cleveland!!  I’m getting VERY excited to go to Grandville!!!!  This is going to be a fun show…mainly because ‘m feeling I’m more to where I want to be!!  more time in it!  I have some experience now and I like where my body is at (or at least almost there!!).  Here’s the stats:

Pamela DeVrou Smith-begining

Continue reading Here’s my weekly ck in…Two weeks out from next Competition!

Here’s the Next Move – Grand Rapids

Red Fox 1

I have had a hard time with this one!  After Cleveland, I needed to regroup and think a little differently about the goals I have set before me.  I was going to be a bit more ready for Cleveland.  Win or no win, I wasn’t where I expected to be…I mean when I looked into the mirror! And…Since this is a journey, I guess I’m going to show you that you can regroup!! Rethink!!  Alter the decisions made and still make it happen!

  • I haven’t stopped working out!

  • I haven’t stopped eating right (Here is a whole different post about this one!!)

  • I haven’t given up!

So look, here’s what’s next!!  Decision has been made!!**

** side note, ever notice that when you are in limbo, life can get tough!! Here’s what I’ve learned…God honors knowing what it is that you want!  Yup!  God says all you need to do is ask…however, you have to be specific!   MOST of us can’t!  There in lies the problem!  ok…back to the decision!  

As I was saying….Here’s what’s next…

2012 NPC Grand Rapids BodyBuilding Fitness, Figure, Physique and Bikini Championships

So we’ll give it another go around and be in Grand Rapids where I grew up!! Hopefully we’ll get some of you out there to give RED FOX some cheering!!!!  Man!  That would be so AWESOME!!!

I have to cut off another 10# before I enter!  I’m well on my way with that!  I will show you exactly what it is that I’m doing to get it off…my eating and my work outs!  Lets’ do this thing!!

Much love to you all and thanks for the encouragement and following along!!


My Ab Work Out! One Of Em Anyway!

Kettle bell..does a body good!

Here are Four of my ab work outs.  I do these back-to-back and I do four sets each!  Try it out!!  Go get yourself some abs for summer!!

Weighted Ball Crunches & Weighted Ball Decline Bench Throws

4 sets x 50 reps ea of  weighted ball crunches and 4×15-20 each of weighted ball decline bench throws

Kettle Bell Side Crunches

4×15 each side

Hanging weight Knee Lifts

15lbs x 10-20 x 4

Have fun!!!