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Booty Challenge Work out!

This is to be done Every other day!! June is the month of the Booty at RedFoxFitness.com So…We have a group on our Facebook called Red Fox Fitness Monthly Challenge. We will pick a different Body part each month and keep adding to our work outs!! May was the Burpee/Push up/Sit up Challenge and now we have Booty Time!

To make things easier, we’ve added a video to show you how to get it done!

Here’s the actual work out:

1. 20 X – Squats (hold 10# if you are already strong here!)
2. 25 Skaters (side-to-sides)
3. 20 Stair jumps (squat at the top and the bottom)
4. 1 min Wall Sit
5. 15 each side Two-step step ups w/ back kick (hold weights in your hands if you can!)
6. 1 min Supermans
Repeat 3 x’s time yourself!

Do these every other day…stay consistent with these. They will build on each other and you’ll get stronger. Time yourself and do it all at once!! No breaking these up! You should be out of breath in some of these and your legs will be burning!! Ideally, you’ll do burps and push ups and sit ups on the “off” days!! add this to your regular work outs! 🙂 Keep in mind this is about 1/4th of what a “Boot Camp” would look like! 🙂


May Red Fox Fitness Burpee Challenge…Who’s in?

Red Fox Burpee's 3

We at Red Fox Fitness are doing a Burpee/Push up/Sit up challenge. 100 of each of Burpees, Push ups, & Sit ups for each day in the Month of May. This is a great way to lower your body fat % and get a quick all over Body work out right from home!! You can add this in between your sets of other exercises or do it first thing in the morning! I’m doing them right before breakfast for the best fat burn!! I’m cutting down for the next Competition which is on May 19th in Grandville Mich!

Here’s what a Burpee is in case you don’t know what one is!!!  So, come on and get your heart ready and your body ready for Summer!!  Let’s do this!!  Come by Facebook and join all the fun!!  The group is so excited!!

Let’s Get Active!! 


No Excuses!

Red Fox Fitness Mini Mag Pamela SmithI’ve been hearing “I need work” or “I need to lose weight” But then I hear all the reasons why they can’t do it.

The bottom line with any program is the one you will actually do, is the BEST program for you! There are a few things to remember with anything that you start. Here they are:

1.) Get accountable! Being able to check in daily and let someone know that you finished is an awesome way to get yourself to accomplish your goals. I always do more for someone else then I do just for myself!

2.) No Excuses! Get your Dr’s approval then do it! Push through your own whining and get it done! You are only holding yourself back by allowing yourself to wallow!

3.) You are going to hurt: no pain no gain couldn’t be more true than in the world of exercise. When you start using muscles that you haven’t worked in a while (or forever!), you are going to feel it! Accept it as part if the journey-just don’t take a day off! You wait a day in-between and you will hurt even more the next day! Keep on your schedule and work out. Your pain will get easier.

*Keep in mind that I’m talking about muscle pain not an injury. You need to know your own body and listen to it.

4.) You are going to sweat! To lose fat, you have to burn up some calories and do it in a quick way! Ideally you want to do this while maintaining and building muscle. To do this, you are going to sweat. You will sweat like never before. Not just because it’s hot out, but because you are increasing your heart rate and maintaining that rate over a period of time. Plyometrics Is one of the best ways to achieve this!  Jumps, squats, burpees, push-ups, pull ups, and lifting weights over your head while squatting all while being timed are great ways to build muscle and lose fat all at the same time!

Whatever you decide should be the program, remember, it’ll take work!  But it WILL be worth it!  Feeling good, looking good, and keeping up with the kids ALWAYS does!

What the heck is a Burpee Challenge??

Red Fox Burpee's 5

About two weeks ago an awesome fitness friend of mine, ShariFitness from ATL  put a challenge out there about doing this 100 Burpees in 100 days.  I was already on a pretty intense training program and declined until I saw so many of my friends doing it.  Of course, many of them have been already involved with the infamous “Burpee” and new full well the Love-Hate that it can bring.  Burpees are also called squat thrusts.  What ever you call them, they work!  Here’s how to do them:

  • Start in a standing position.
  • Go down into a squat with your hands on the floor
  • kick your legs and feet back ending up in a push up position
  • Jump back into a squat position
  • Jump up into the air with your hands doing a clap above your head

That’s Count 1!

*It’s important to remember to jump straight up, opening your body fully.   Also, To do these in as quick of a progression as possible, but you need to listing to your own body.  The point is to get healthy not hurt!  If you need to alter this program in any way, starting out a little slower, then make a careful note and progress from there.  You are in charge of your own workout!

Now, from what I understand, the challenge originally was put out there as doing progressive Burpees.  So, Day 1, you do 1 Burpee, Day 2 = 2 Burpees and so on.  Now of course my fitness buddies that I’ve met through BCx turned this into each day starting with day 1 you do 100 Burpees.  I’m trying to get my push ups better and added in 100 push ups on the side (I can’t do them with in my Burpee quite yet!).  Someone else added in 100 sledge hammers as well!

I decided to do them because after watching my friends do them, I realized they really didn’t take up very much time; 7-20min depending how familiar you are with these Bad Boys!  A Burpee is an AWESOME way to get someone going in fitness.  they really DO work!  Your heart goes way up, your muscle definitely feel it, and they improve muscle tone very quickly while burning fat! What more could you ask for, right?

Well, I must warn you, The burpee club is a special one!  The first time I was introduced to them,it was in the middle of an already intense training program and I almost threw up!  I thought they were from the Devil himself!  I couldn’t breath!  I was sweating everywhere!  The only reason I kept doing them was because I signed up for the work out and had to check in with the crew!  I couldn’t let them down and say I wimped out!  So, I finished in a very slow time frame.  What I found out though was, they were exactly what I needed.  After doing them in a work out routine on a 6-day-a-week basis for 4 weeks,  I became “good” at them.  Meaning, I could do them without throwing up!   With the challenge, I find that Brupees alone aren’t quite so bad.  They give me some energy afterward and I’m all warmed up.  I can do them anywhere and wearing almost anything-not a skirt of course or heels, but they are a great way to work out a little without ever leaving my “spot” where ever that is!

Which brings me back to the challenge.  This challenge-100 day/100 days is a great way to get moving and to do it anywhere!  Some of the best I’ve heard is during a lunch break or afternoon break at work.  Co-workers even egg each other on to get them done while on the job!  They only take about 10min on average and give quite the boost of energy!  Rather then going for that sugary sweet “snack” that is only going to harm you quite frankly, go do some Burpees instead!  You’ll feel better, have more energy and at least you’ll have a start to getting on a program!  After doing them for about a week, you’ll start to feel stronger.  You may never fall in love  with these (or maybe you will), but you will love the results!

I don’t have it yet, but I will be putting a video on here and my youtube channel so stay tuned!

To see how Burpees inhance an already great work out, take a look at my Training Work Out article.