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Fitness for fun…for confidence…for life!

Red Fox

There’s comes a point when you’ve just got to say “ENOUGH”  I don’t know when and where and what that will be for you, but I DO know what you’l get when you make that decision.  Depending on where you are when you start your journey, it may mean you have a way to go, or maybe you just need to firm up and get some energy again, but it’s not a diet or a moment or even a destination really.  It’s a lifestyle!  When you do achieve this, one of the great side benefits is that even though you started out not “feeling it” or wanting to, the fun does come!  It does become something that is enjoyable!

I think this is true because of how utterly great you feel when you start to achieve some results!!  I’ve seen it time and again, sticking with it and hitting some mile-stones and how the excitement starts to build!  Belief that it’s possible to get the results that you are desiring…it’s so exciting!!

I know that it is possible and when you have the fitness and energy again (or maybe for the first time)…confidence comes too!  It’s a side benefit of achievement.  This is true in many areas of setting a goal…any goal and achieving it.  No matter how many times you fall off or come across a set-back, get right back at it and keep moving forward!

  • Regardless of feelings
  • Regardless of your past
  • Regardless of how far you fell
  • Regardless of who’s with you or not


Just keep at it and you WILL get there!!


Prevent Injury in Your Shoulders-Rotator Cuff Training

With my son playing football and my hubby complaining of old injuries, I’ve been interested in how to best help out when it comes to certain complaints of pain.  The first in this Injury Training Series is within the shoulders.  Hurting our shoulders is a common injury. One that can plague you for a long time to come. While there are different reasons for injuries, a common complaint from pain in this area of the body is weak muscles around the Rotator Cuff’s.

We tend to work out  areas of our bodies that will show the most.  This tends to be our larger muscles and they give us that great “beach body” look. While looking good has it’s purposes, making our bodies healthy by working out all our muscles-even the ones we don’t see, couldn’t be more important.  These are the muscles that support the larger ones.  When they are weak, we can tear them from the tendons they are connected to causing us to not be able to utilize the muscle at all.  When this happens, usually surgery is needed to fix it!  To dive into this, let’s first look at what exactly is the Rotator Cuff.

Medical Definition of Rotator cuff

1. The rotator cuff is a tendon formed by three distinct muscles: teres minor, supraspinatus and infraspinatus, which stabilise the head of the humerus within the shoulder joint. Tendinitis or injury to the rotator cuff muscle can make shoulder abduction (lifting the arm out to the side) and external rotation painful. In most cases treatment includes rest, ice and physical therapy to strengthen the shoulder muscles. (13 Nov 1997)    *http://www.lexic.us/definition-of/rotator_cuff 


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Muesli for Breakfast

Here’s a quick post…Breakfast!  I love oatmeal because it does fill me up and keeps me going for a while.  It’s a great way to start the day, especially when it’s cold outside.  If you’re going to have oatmeal, stay away from prepacked, quick oatmeal.  They are chock-full of preservatives and fillers.  Even if they say “natural”.  All this means from the FDA standpoint is that they can have something in the ingredients list that is natural.  It DOESN’T mean that it’s 100% natural unless it says so.  Even then, look at the ingredients list.

I love Musesli mix because it has a bit more fiber and whole grains.  The best is from the Hodgson Mill Company.  Their products to me stands for quality.  It’s a name that I have learned to trust.  Here’s a healthy breakfast to eat.   Take a look at the ingredients on this box and you’ll know what they are saying!  It’s simple.

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What the heck is a Burpee Challenge??

Red Fox Burpee's 5

About two weeks ago an awesome fitness friend of mine, ShariFitness from ATL  put a challenge out there about doing this 100 Burpees in 100 days.  I was already on a pretty intense training program and declined until I saw so many of my friends doing it.  Of course, many of them have been already involved with the infamous “Burpee” and new full well the Love-Hate that it can bring.  Burpees are also called squat thrusts.  What ever you call them, they work!  Here’s how to do them:

  • Start in a standing position.
  • Go down into a squat with your hands on the floor
  • kick your legs and feet back ending up in a push up position
  • Jump back into a squat position
  • Jump up into the air with your hands doing a clap above your head

That’s Count 1!

*It’s important to remember to jump straight up, opening your body fully.   Also, To do these in as quick of a progression as possible, but you need to listing to your own body.  The point is to get healthy not hurt!  If you need to alter this program in any way, starting out a little slower, then make a careful note and progress from there.  You are in charge of your own workout!

Now, from what I understand, the challenge originally was put out there as doing progressive Burpees.  So, Day 1, you do 1 Burpee, Day 2 = 2 Burpees and so on.  Now of course my fitness buddies that I’ve met through BCx turned this into each day starting with day 1 you do 100 Burpees.  I’m trying to get my push ups better and added in 100 push ups on the side (I can’t do them with in my Burpee quite yet!).  Someone else added in 100 sledge hammers as well!

I decided to do them because after watching my friends do them, I realized they really didn’t take up very much time; 7-20min depending how familiar you are with these Bad Boys!  A Burpee is an AWESOME way to get someone going in fitness.  they really DO work!  Your heart goes way up, your muscle definitely feel it, and they improve muscle tone very quickly while burning fat! What more could you ask for, right?

Well, I must warn you, The burpee club is a special one!  The first time I was introduced to them,it was in the middle of an already intense training program and I almost threw up!  I thought they were from the Devil himself!  I couldn’t breath!  I was sweating everywhere!  The only reason I kept doing them was because I signed up for the work out and had to check in with the crew!  I couldn’t let them down and say I wimped out!  So, I finished in a very slow time frame.  What I found out though was, they were exactly what I needed.  After doing them in a work out routine on a 6-day-a-week basis for 4 weeks,  I became “good” at them.  Meaning, I could do them without throwing up!   With the challenge, I find that Brupees alone aren’t quite so bad.  They give me some energy afterward and I’m all warmed up.  I can do them anywhere and wearing almost anything-not a skirt of course or heels, but they are a great way to work out a little without ever leaving my “spot” where ever that is!

Which brings me back to the challenge.  This challenge-100 day/100 days is a great way to get moving and to do it anywhere!  Some of the best I’ve heard is during a lunch break or afternoon break at work.  Co-workers even egg each other on to get them done while on the job!  They only take about 10min on average and give quite the boost of energy!  Rather then going for that sugary sweet “snack” that is only going to harm you quite frankly, go do some Burpees instead!  You’ll feel better, have more energy and at least you’ll have a start to getting on a program!  After doing them for about a week, you’ll start to feel stronger.  You may never fall in love  with these (or maybe you will), but you will love the results!

I don’t have it yet, but I will be putting a video on here and my youtube channel so stay tuned!

To see how Burpees inhance an already great work out, take a look at my Training Work Out article.

A Point of View

The Son comes in and through and around!God reaches across the vastness of eternity to divinely stoop down & desires an intimate, loving, unconditional relationship with us.  He chooses to want us whether we ever return that love to Him or not.  As we spew and vomit our putrid selfishness all over His glory, He stays by our side…just loving us.  As we hang onto our hurts and shortcomings using them as excuses to stew in our lives…He patiently waits-understanding our pain.  He doesn’t show this to the world, He doesn’t expose what we do or where we are at…He just loves us; patiently desiring for us to turn our hearts to look in His direction even if for only a single moment.  He longs to lavish His love-perfect as it is, He longs to pour it out all over and in and through us.  In doing so, He stands us up to realize when we look in His direction for our strength, we can truly do anything!  It’s uncomfortable at best to step out with such awesome power running through us.  Knowing it’s really not of ourselves, but with each step, each breath, each ability is powered from Complete Power.  With this greatness comes a responsibility.  We are never able to be completely touched by such wonderfulness and keep it to ourselves.  It becomes our desire for all to taste the completeness and the healing that’s necessary for our finite spirits.  When we allow God Himself to touch all that is within us, we are able to tap into His perfect peace and completeness.  Full acceptance right where we are at-no matter how dark of a space it is.  We touch eternity through The One who always was, always is, and always will be.  The cure for all that ails us, is this Love that reaches through the space, through the time, through all the darkness and places it’s arms of Grace around us.  This Love carries us through it all, expecting nothing in return.  Why?  Why would such perfectness ever want anything to do with me and all that I’ve messed up, with all that I’ve hurt, with all my brokenness?  Why?  Because He wants to.  I can do nothing to earn it.  I can do nothing to lose it.  But we must ask for it.  When we do, He reaches through all to let you and I know…


For a Sexy Backside and Lower Body:

We all want to look our best but the honest truth is we will have to work at it!  The woman in this picture is earning the views of her backside by doing what it takes to keep it up where it belongs!  This work out isn’t just for women (I challenge any man to make it through it!), but it does target the areas we deem most problematic.  And so…make this a weekly stop to lift that derriere and get rid of the dimples!

This is a work out for improving your core.  The core is the basic of muscle-building and is important for EVERY activity you will ever do!  So take this one on and keep improving in this area!  It’ll be very worth it!

 Be sure to do a Warm up and Stretching before beginning this!

  • 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 15 Arm/Leg raises (for more advanced, add small weights in hands)
  • 30-60sec plank (increasing your time as you improve)
  • 25 side v-ups (R/L)
  • 25 crunches (for more advanced, add weights holding at upper chest)
  • 25 leg lowers (lay on the floor w/ arms over head, back flat to floor, and legs up in air.  Lower legs til almost touching floor then raise back up.

(Repeat 3x’s through-record time and adjustments.)   Time:__________  Adjustments:___________

One of the best derriere work outs I’ve done is the step/squat/back kick!  Wow, this thing works!  Stand on a step and step backward off of it.  Squat down on lower leg and lift back up while kicking backward!  I hate doing them, but I LOVE the results!  Go for it!  It will lift your bum!!  Do these as a set and record your time-but keep tight on your form!

  • 15 2-step stair squats holding a weight ball
  • 15ea Step/Squat/Back Kick (R/L)
  • 30-60sec Superman (increase time as you improve)
  • 30-60sec Plank (increase time as you improve)
  • 20 Squat w/ front kick

(Repeat 3x’s through – record time and adjustments.)   Time:________  Adjustments:________________

This combo really gets to the heart of our lower body!  Your heart rate will be up (guaranteed!!) and your leg muscles will be burning!  Work through that burn and keep your form!  This thing really works – working thighs, calves and back-sides!

    • 50 Jumping Jacks
    • 10 Skaters
    • 10 Plyo Jumps w/ band (or box)
    • 50 Jump Rope (jump in place)
    • 10 X-Squats (more advanced w/ 10lb weight ball)
    • 1 min wall sit

(Repeat 3x’s through – record time and adjustments.)   Time:________  Adjustments:________________

Who’s watching you?

To know something and to do something are two very different things.  I know that I should get 7-8 hrs of sleep each night and drink 8-12 glasses of water each day, and yet I don’t do either!  For some “unknown” reason, it is not on my priority radar.  Yes, yes I know.  I’m in the health industry and don’t do something so basic as those two things, how can I tell you to do them?  Well, the truth is, I can’t.  At least not very well.  I can’t “preach” to you about all the benefits of getting 8 hours of sleep because I don’t know first-hand how it feels!  It would be like the old saying “Do as I say, not as I do!”  Ya…right!

When it comes to behavior, there is a common universal law, I will do as you do, not as you say.  Two things come to my mind when addressing this law and they both require the person in the mirror to be the responsible party (as I usually spin it!).

Always watching...

1.  I’m being watched:  I’m a woman, a friend, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a business owner, a public figure…there is no doubt that others are watching me.  What I do is important.  I would never want how I act and what I say to be a stumbling block to others.  I want to be an example.  This all started out for me when I had my first child.  As He grew, I grew too!  I needed to learn (and am still learning 🙂 ) to put into practice what I talk about and what I ask of him ( and now 5 others!).  There have been times when my kids have caught me getting angry and taking it out wrong, or using words that I shouldn’t.  In the midst of those moments is usually when God sees fit to have a pair of big brown or blue eyes stare at me in disbelief.  I haven’t always been great at being the beacon (again, God’s not finished with me yet!), but I do strive to get better and better.  Why?  Because like it or not, my actions affect others.  I don’t control those responses, but I do contribute to them.  And, therefore, I respect other people enough to abide by this universal law to the best of my ability.

How would it be if I was advising you on health and fitness and yet never worked out or only ate fast-food cheeseburgers all the time?  Not too good.  This Law applies to every area in our lives and we need to live our lives being fully aware that we were put here on earth with others!  This law is a wonderful thing!  Hear me out.  Accountability helps each and everyone one of us and without it, we don’t get nearly as much accomplished or make the lifestyle changes necessary for something permanent!  I’ve known this first-hand when it comes to business.  No accountability = failure.  This being watched can become an internal checking point that keeps us on track.

2.  Who I surround myself with is paramount:    This is the old adage, “You are what you eat!”, and “You are who you hang out with.”  I grew up hearing this one constantly.  “No you cannot have that person as you friend because they dress, behave, go to places (you name it…) that will lead you down the wrong path.” my mother would say.  All grown up now, I know that she was right!  If I associate with someone who is constantly lying, cheating, always late, or a heavy drinker etc., I will eventually become those things as well.  Rest assured, I will adapt to my surroundings.  This is what makes us quite unique and special, but can be a real hinderance if we are hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Let me spin this a little differently, because this doesn’t need to be one of the “deadliest sins” sort of thing. Take the activity of running for instance.  I decide that I need to get more active and want to start by running a few miles a day to make this new change in my life.  Typically what would happen is I would start out great and get some steam, but when the first few winds of pressure hit, I would revert back to a non-running lifestyle.  Why?  Honestly, I believe that people who want to make the changes have intentions that are good.  They do know they need a change.  They do know that they need to exercise.  So, what happens?  They forget to surround themselves with others that have made that change as well.  We need the support of others. Surrounding ourselves with what it is that we want to become, assures us that someone else is also looking out for us.  We need this because none of us can be up and at it all the time.  We have doubts.  We have insecurities.  We have plain ol days that make us wish we could crawl right back into bed!  None of us are strong enough to go it all alone.  We need someone in our corner so that we can stand up and turn our unwanted behaviors around, replacing them with quality instead.

So the next time you want to make a decision for some change in your life, take a look around you.  Are the ones around you encouraging you to have health, fitness, happiness, and growth in your life?  Are you that person for others?  None of us were put here alone, we were meant to “encourage one another in brotherly love.”  Whatever that decision is that is requiring change in your life, get the support of surrounding yourself with where you want to go and who you want to become!  You will be that much closer to making it permanent in your life!!