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Active Rest: Does A Body Good

Sometimes you need a break! Growth happens then too!

When it comes to fitness (Heck! Anywhere in our lives…), having a period of “Active Rest” is important!  We need breaks within our fitness from the rigorous activity we put our bodies through!

This one is especially difficult for me.

There are cycles our bodies must go through to perform at it’s best.  We need Active Rest for some down-time.  We need it to discover and explore other activities that we enjoy.  We need it to relax and reevaluate how it is we are going about our fitness and developing our passions.

Active Rest:  An important cycle within our fitness program that allows for the body – both physically and mentally to recover, recuperate, and  rejuvenate.  The period in which the athlete is still active within theirs lives, however, usually with other activities that may be at a much lower impact then their usual program requires.

Everyone needs a break!  I like to think of Active Rest as the bodies form of a vacation.  When we get going with work and the stress mounts up, we just need a break and go on a vacation.  It is the same with our bodies within our own individual programs.  Active rest allows the body both mentally and physically to step back and take a broader view of life in general.  A view that allows for activities that when the athlete is heavily involved in their season, they don’t usually get to enjoy!

This holds true for the average, everyday person who is just getting fit and losing weight!  WE get set in routines and programs and forget that their is a whole array of fun out there:  other programs, sports, and activities to enjoy in a leisurely way!

What Active Rest is NOT:  Time to sit on the couch and do nothing eating junk all day every day!  We still need to be involved within our lives and actually maybe even more so during Active rest because it can be shared with so man others!!

The stages of training are:

  1. Foundational Training – Getting a healthy foundation for strength, flexibility, and endurance in an overall setting.
  2. Functional Training (Sport-Specific) – This period of training hones in on goals set by the Athlete or the sport itself.  The focus will be more towards the muscles and movements needed by the sport itself.
  3. Pre-Season Training – It’s now time for sport specific in a much more intense way.  Other training aspects of training should already be in place at this point so the athlete can concentrate on what’s needed to achieve their goal.  The Athlete will still be developing the muscles, endurance and flexibility needed for their specific activity.
  4. In-Season Training – This training period is the most intense and is very sport-specific.  It’s game time.  Time to show all the hard work and win!  There is still growth within this period, but nothing is to impede from the game itself!
  5. Active Rest – Season is over…intensity has subsided…the “Win” and the trophies have been achieved.  It’s time to take a break both mentally and physically.  Time to enjoy other activities and sports in a leisurely way!  This phase is a growth phase too and it’s much-needed both physically and mentally!  The Season takes a toll on the athlete in both of these areas…it’s stressful and our bodies need to recover and reflect.

Don’t forget the Active Rest period of your personal training…It IS important!


There’s more than just sculpted abs!

I have a few thoughts these days….well, not really….just two!  Competition, Competition & Competition….oh and yeah…I’M STARVING!!! hahaha…

There are a few things surrounding this for me.  I first want to say that if I were only getting in great shape and getting fit and healthy, I’d go status quo right now.  Unless you’ve decided to up the ante and go for a high level competition, there is no need to go the extreme that we’ve had me go to here at Red Fox.  I want to keep stating that one, because I believe that the lifestyle of being healthy and active and enjoying your life is first on the list!  The High 5 of fitness IS what I’ve strived for throughout my life and is what I believe that is meant for us.  We need to be at our best to serve, give, maintain and be active throughout our lives!!  Enjoying life to it’s fullest!!

I do also want to add that hard work ALWAYS pays off!!  Stick to your guns and make it happen for yourself.  Seeing my abs at the level I am at after having four babies and being 42…don’t tell me it can’t be done!!  YES IT CAN!!  All you have to do is make the decision and work your plan all the way to the goal!  If any of you have achieved your lifestyle change goals and you have some pictures and a bit of a story…let me know.  Let’s see if we can’t put together some inspiring posts!!  In the meantime, here’s yesterday’s shots in the gym.

Luv to ya all!!


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Forgive and Forget!

I’ve been wondering….Who’s hurt you?  Who has done something that is down-right wrong?  Crossed your path?  Made you mad?  Who is it that has been sinful in your life?  Who did the unthinkable?  Has someone talked about you?  Called you a name?  Gossiped about you or someone close to you?  Has someone in authority committed the “unforgivable sin”?  And to think…they even call themselves a Christian!!

Has the offense been recent?  Or a long time ago?  Do you remember when you cared about that person and now…well, the hurt is just to great?

I’m sorry.  No, I really am.  That person may have been me.  I carry doubts.  I carry fears.  Rejection.  Hurts.  Memories.  Pain.  Sin.  I’ve hurt others so badly that they have stopped talking to me.  Told others about the wrong that I’ve done and yet won’t speak to me about it so I don’t know what I did!!  I’ve done this more than once!  Unfortunately, I’m afraid I will do it again within my lifetime.  Sigh.  I’m sorry.  And…I claim to be a Christian too!  Go figure!  I mess up.  I get tired.  I get cranky.  I get hungry.  I say stupid things.  I judge others way too harshly.  I’m sorry.  I really am.  Please forgive me… Jesus does.

The guy that was hanging on the cross right next to Jesus who committed some really awful awful sins…He asked Jesus to forgive him and He did.  He said to him….”Today you will be with me in paradise!”  Wow!!

It’s hard to let go of what people say sometimes or what they do.  They can really REALLY hurt us!  Sometimes what they do affects us so much because of past hurts that we have and so, it’s compounded!

I don’t want to take long with this one…I just want to reflect for a moment.  I know I personally do hurt others (or even myself!!) and I don’t let go of hurts that others have committed against me!  Have you ever done this?  Are you doing this right now?

I just keep asking myself:  Who am I to think I know better than God Himself?  I mean, if he can forgive me…then why shouldn’t I forgive others?  Dig deep on this one…be still…ask God what he would have you do and you will find the answer.  We don’t have to like everyone…but we do have to love others.  We don’t have to chum with them or be friends…but we are to forgive and allow healing from sin to take place.  Healing not only for them…but for us.  Sin clogs up all the beauty that God is trying to work into our lives!! It stops us from moving forward…

I don’t want that for you…or for me.  Open up those doors of unforgiveness and allow God to clean up that area in our lives.  Let’s live with clean Spirits like we are striving so much to do with our clean eating and our fitness!!  Just be still…and listen for the answer on this one.  This is just as much for me as you…thought you should know!


With love… ~Pamela