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Just keep swimming…

Pamela DeVrou Smith…Back shot 7/2/12

I don’t want to make light of the pressure that it takes to make a dream come true!  I’m in the hunt!  I have been for a while!  It seems that I take so many steps forward and then a few backward and keep switching feet in the process!!

It’s a bit awkward because it’s all so dram public for me!  At least it feels that way on my end!! I have really two hunts going on simultaneously!!  The first one is to get my Pro Card in Women’s Physique Competitions.  I am now 7 weeks away from going after that endeavor for the first time!!  All the other competitions that I’ve been doing up until now have simply been practice!! Tweaking my body and adjusting to what it is that I need to show, adjusting my work outs and getting my body fat % down…all of it has been for this next show!! On Aug 24th and 25th I am heading to Toronto, CA to attend the WBFF World Competition!!  I’m so excited!!  This is my first time at the WBFF and I’ve heard and seen so many great things about it!! I can’t wait to experience it first hand!!  It will be an honor to just be involved…but I know I’m not kidding any of you!!  You’ve been following this journey for 3/4 of a year now!!  WE are on the brink and darn it…I want to WIN!!  I’m not ashamed to admit that!!  hahaha…

The pressure is on…in more ways than one!!

Red Fox Pressure!
  • Jim and the kids and I need passports
  • My car and Jim’s truck are unreliable at best!!  We need to get there!!
  • The WBFF cost more to be involved in!  It’s a much much better show…very entertaining for the crowd.  And, we have to pay for that!!
  • I need to put together my costume!
  • I need new suits…my competition suit won’t work!

The list goes on!

Oh….but it will all be soooo worth it!

I’ve struggled since Grand Rapids in my faith to allow this Big Competition to happen for me and our Little Red Fox “Team”

I’ve worried about the money to get there…and our cars…and how are we going to get off of work…and…and…and…

The bottom line is, God’s got this!!  That’s right!  He really does have a funny way of working out details…it’s our jobs to live and stand in faith as we continue to do what is right!  I haven’t stopped working out!  I am still on the eating plan and have added LOADS to my work out routine to bring my legs tight!!  I’ve lifted, hill sprinted, squatted, lunged, plio jumped, and weighted step-uped until I’ve cried!!  NO really!  My legs are taking a beating right now!!  Well, legs and glutes!!  I’ve been missing the stage, but Jim has been adimate that I need the time to build, recoup and prepare for Toronto!!  I know he’s right…and I’m listening….but there in lies that hard part!

Keeping the faith, while you can’t see the results!!  And, as my favorite little movie “friend” Dori likes to say…. “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…swimming swimming swimming!!”  I HAVE to keep moving forward!!  I am almost there!! I am soooo very close!! You all have encouraged and cheered me on so darn much!!  How can I just stop now?


Here’s my Legs after Grand Rapids 5/31/12
Red Fox Legs 7/2/12


  • I’m tired…do it anyway!
  • I’m hungry….push through!
  • I don’t feel like it today….Get off that couch and go do your work out…no short cuts!!
  • But I’m crying….one more rep Missy!!
  • Doubt and fear set in…reach out and get back on track!!
  • Why am I doing this again?? …look back and remember about inspiring others to follow their dreams!! To get up…Get active…Get fit!!!

All of this leads me to the 2nd Dream that I’m after…Our National Fitness Tour!  Red Fox Fitness has a purpose!!

  • To inspire others to get fit
  • To lead by example how that’s done
  • To show how you can have a Healthy, Active Vibrant lives through living Healthy and Fit out daily in the High 5 areas!
  • To find companies that compliment all High 5 areas of fitness and tell all of you about them!!
  • To do this for ourselves, and our families and friends!

I remember and know first hand what it’s like to let myself go.  To be overweight and lethargic in my own life and to look in the mirror wondering who it was looking back at me!

It doesn’t have to be that way!!  Not in the slightest!!  It’s very possible to have the life of your dreams –  Whatever that may be!

Red Fox 7 weeks out from Worlds

So, here’s my Stats with 7 weeks to go!

  • Weight: 140#
  • BF%:  ??
  • Arm: 12 1/4
  • Chest:  35 1/4
  • Waist:  26
  • Hips:  37
  • Thigh:  21
  • Calve: 14 1/2

Some of my measurements have gone up…but my weight has stayed the same…which means…I have lots more muscle!!  I’ve worked really hard on this!  Especially in my lower body!  My Hamstrings were MIA…not any more!  My glutes were there…but not as High and Tight as they could be!!  They are better!

I will try to post weekly to show the progression and talk about what’s happening along this part of the journey!

I want to thank you for all your AWESOME encouragement and pressing me onward!!  We are definitely dong this together!!  The Red Fox Fitness TEAM!!

Love and Hugs!!!


Love – How deep can it go?

Jim and Red Fox working together

I’ve been hurt in my past.  Maybe you have to.  Love seems too many times something that I have to earn or justify or work so dang hard for!  Like the paycheck from work, so don’t screw up too much or you’ll get fired!  I guess it’s because I’ve lived long enough to deal with friends walking away from something I’ve done.  Wonder what it was?  Hurtful words are sometimes thrown around – even from me! And they bite!  Or, the one I care for just slips away…I’m left wondering what went wrong!

I’ve studied behaviors and thinking patterns and personalities from people for years!  I’ve read so many books on the subject – I’m fascinated with it all really.  I am certified in what’s called “Formal Axiology” which is the Mathematical Measurement of the way people think.  Now that’s a mouthful.  I’m also certified with Personality tests…I was asked If I can read minds last night…well, no.  But it would feel like that if I did open up about how you think and what makes you tick.  I’ve had countless people in tears…grown men cry over me talking about what’s in their lives.  Things that I shouldn’t know because I don’t know them!

Jim and Pamela Celebrating

I get messages every day about personal things from people who know that I write for Red Fox.  They struggle with issues…honestly, I think people just want to know that they are ok, to know a direction, and to be reassured that it’s possible to achieve.   We are really hurting out there!

When I met my Jimmy, what struck the most was that no matter what came his direction from me or my four children (two were teenagers), he reassured me often that he wasn’t gong anywhere!  He wasn’t leaving or walking away.  He loved me.  He loved me and let me know this WAAAY before I would allow myself to believe it!  Like I said, I had been hurt!  I had conditional love before and I wanted no part of it!

I tell my children that I may not like what they have done, but no matter what I still love them and will never walk away!  Why?  Because no matter what I do or how much I “miss the mark” God doesn’t ever walk away from me!  He loves me unconditionally.  He loved me while I was still in the midst of my sin (and still does when I sin!)  I don’t go out and test the love Jim has for me…not on purpose.  I stay loyal and helpful and encouraging to him to the best of my ability.  I don’t test God’s love for me either…I don’t ever want to grieve either God or Jim.  However, that love is tested regardless!  I’ve been rude.  I’ve been selfish, angry…these things step on the toes of the one that loves me unconditionally.  I can hurt those closest to me.  I’m sorry.  It can happen to me as well!  What will I do when it does happen?

To walk away looking for someone else who is going to be “better” or perfect means to let go on love itself.  I’m not judging those who have…Jim and I are both divorced.  I get it.  I don’t wish it on anyone!! It was painful to all parties involved!

Jim and Pamela on their wedding day

I know…I mean I really know that Jim loves me.  I know this by how we dated.  Poor thing, I put him through the ringer before I would make that commitment to him.  I don’t need to test that at this point.  We’ve made those vows.  Is he perfect???  🙂 No.  But when He or I get off base we have to agree to talk it though (it doesn’t always start out the best way…but we do get there and work it through!)  We have two things that we can trust with all our hearts…We both love Jesus Christ and have trusted Him with our lives and hearts…and we love each other.

This past February, Jim sent me a song that I’ve adored ever since.  It’s now becoming popular!  Here it is with all its beauty.  This song is a true statement in every relationship and I believe we all crave such a thing.  To not experience it leaves a hole in our lives!  It is there for you and for me…first and foremost through God Himself!  Next through how we love and take care of ourselves!  When we are able to implement this love into our lives through these areas, we will attract more and more of it from the outside relationships as well!  Take a listen…

Love is a Four letter word 

is the album and the song is:

Jason Marz – I Won’t Give Up



Proverbs – Get Some Wisdom!

Red Fox – Proverbs 9:10-12

The book of Proverbs in the Bible is in the old testament and comes right after that big, comforting book of Psalms!  Proverbs is a shorter book.  One that I learned a long time ago that you can read one chapter each day and get through it by the end of the month.  There are 31 Chapters!  It’s perfect!  I love Proverbs because it’s all about learning how and why!  It’s the perfect start to a day – getting my mind set on how I need to behave and act so that I can bring others up in their walk through life and to head me on a path of success!  I wanted to share with you what it is that I wrote many years ago in my well loved, torn to shreds, falling apart, can’t-throw-it-away Bible.

   “I’ve pondered over Proverbs since I was a little girl, I’ve prayed for wisdom.  To know what my Father in heaven knows, to think like Him.  To see with my Fathers eyes the hearts of others.  I’ve searched for the answer as to ‘why’ my whole life…  Wisdom starts with obedience unto the Lord, and is followed through with discipline.  Neither of those things can begin in our lives without the fear of the Lord.  (Fear – The thought that my actions would disappoint or hurt another or get me into some sort of trouble which in turn, stops me from doing that act or behavior…) To fear is to not want the punishment that would come from the behavior or to not want to break God’s heart (disappoint) over my sin (missing the mark).” 

Poverbs 9:10-12

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.  For through me (wisdom and knowledge) your days will be many, and years will be added to your life.  If you are wise, your wisdom will reward you; if you are a mocker, you alone will suffer.”  

When we gain wisdom and understanding we gain the ability to grasp our own hearts and how they were created.  We gain the ability to think through situations that we don’t like and appreciate them anyway.  We develop character (in time) that leads us to patiently wait and diligently work toward our goals.  We start to understand the heart of God and how He purposes life together.  He gives us instruction in every area of our lives…why wouldn’t we want such knowledge??!!  My heart aches at times to know all the why’s in life!!  I have had so much “junk” happen to me!  When I’ve gone down, it’s been in such monumental ways that most stand in utter disbelief…  Let’s put it this way…I relate very much with Job (the wealthy, prosperous man in the old testament who lost it all!! …and suffered greatly!).  However, the Bible talks about understanding God’s heart and knowing why He purposes things the way He does!  He has a plan…for me…and for you!  It’s NOT to beat ourselves up and to cut others down!  No Way!! It’s to learn compassion and patience and to gain understanding.

I believe that I’ve gone through so much so that I can help others with first-hand knowledge of how it feels to be so darn defeated!!  To get knocked down over and over and over and to get back up no matter what; To stand tall in the midst of accusations and trials is something I know full-well.  When we go through “stuff” the purpose is to help (encourage, strengthen) someone else who is going through it as well!  It’s never to hide or be ashamed.  Some of the troubles in my life have come from my own sin (falling short or missing the mark – missing the standard that God has set for me and for my good.  He was trying to protect me, but I blew it!).  Even through that, I can be secure knowing that God loves me regardless!!  People might not…but God does and I can be forgiven no matter what I’ve done.  God can make it right and use it for good in my life or in someone else’s life!  We all (last time I checked all meant all…) have missed the mark, blew the standard, and sinned. There isn’t one sin that is better than another in God’s eyes…Even the “smallest one” keeps us from entering heaven if we are not forgiven!

Understanding what God did for us is the beginning of wisdom

The good news…WE CAN  be forgiven and stand tall again knowing that God loved us enough to pay for those mess ups and loves us enough to make something beautiful out of our lives!! All with His grace and love…  It’s humbling to admit or talk openly about what it is that we do wrong!  But God will never drop us (Our friends may be another story…we’ll make new ones!!) he will never walk away from us…NEVER!!  Knowing this fact…starts our journey to wisdom!

If you want to gain more wisdom and understanding of how life really works, start in the book of Proverbs!!  Pray for wisdom and understanding and read what it is that God has to say on the subject!!  He is NOT silent that’s for sure! Read one chapter each day and circle the verses that stand out to you!!  It’s funny to me that no matter how many times I go through this one little book, I find something knew that speaks to me!  My life ebbs and flows and different verses mean more at different times in my life!  Go through it and read it searching for wisdom…you’ll find it!!  God promises!! 🙂


Pamela “Red Fox” Smith

“If you have nothing encouraging to say…Say nothing at all” Just some thoughts…

Pamela “Red Fox” Smith

It’s interesting to me how so many think that without even beginning their lives or going through trials they can cut down those who have and share openly where they get their strength!  Who are we to stomp on another for going after goals and achieving them through leaning on Christ!  I am talking to fellow Christians.

I have entered into a Fitness world where I’ve been amazed at the time, dedication and openness from these people!  They achieve and lean on Jesus through it all.  Many of them share openly their beliefs and yet without even taking one look at that part, others cut it down!  Why?  Jesus says that As long as the name of Christ is preached, it doesn’t matter where it comes from.  God knows we all walk different paths!  We’ve all come from somewhere.  Not everyone has been raised in the church or even a solid family.  Not everyone has been given the “clean life”  In fact, many have slipped and fallen numerous times!  God loves those people!!  He claimed that He came for the broken!  He ate and mingled with them!!  He loved their humbleness…that comes from living a life and knowing full well that mistakes and short-comings were made!!

Jesus loves us each right where we are at… He sees our heart seeking after Him.

How else are we to reach these people (myself included!) without stepping into their world and loving them right where they are at!!  I don’t hide behind the Bible or Church…I do believe and stand on the promises that God gave me and have found them after much testing to be true!  I also attend and give to the church…but it’s no excuse to cut down and judge others!!  Shame on those Christians who do!  God says to encourage others…so do it already!!  “Give to one another in ‘Brotherly Love'”

I have found that competitions are one of the most encouraging, uplifting, cheering places both in and out of them!!  I’m proud to be associated with all of those I’ve formerly competed with…without a doubt!  No matter what size, what the suit looks like, if we have stretch marks, or skin that can’t be helped from losing so much weight-the others cheer on!  Proudly exclaiming the long distance we all have come!! It takes hard-earned effort to get there!  And very few in my limited experience say that they do it all on their own!!  So many believe in the power and strength that they receive from Jesus Christ!!

Stay true to you!

Does Jesus need us to be thin and fit….no.  He loves us regardless!!  But to not be fit is to lack energy, inspiration, and many times deal with outright depression.  Is that where God wants us??  I say NO!!  He wants us to be at our best!!  That way we are ready for whatever He brings our way!!

I can’t say enough how amazed I am with the lives that because I’ve gotten into great shape, that I’ve been blessed to know and touch for Jesus!! I’ve shared tears and laughter and stories galore already and I know there’s much more to come!  Who am I to stop that work? To me, it’s a ministry in its own right!!

Pamela “Red Fox” Smith 2nd place…Go after your goals and inspire yourself and others in the process. God wants us to be stretched! This is where we find His strength!

As for lusting…I’ve found ZERO of that within the competitions!  None!! It’s just not even a question!  I have found that outside of them, but I find that with being fully clothed!!   I cannot control what others think… I can only do what God calls me to do and to do it with My BEST!!

With much love and respect…~Pamela

Are You Going to Give Up? Or Get Up? Make The Choice!

Here is Nick Vujicic…This is Motivation!  If he can do it, Then YOU can do it!  What ever your goals are…look your fear and failures in the face and realize that they are NOT from God!  You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!!!  Hold onto this.  You were created beautifully from Pure Beauty!  You have a purpose placed directly in your heart by God Himself….now go after it and NEVER GIVE UP!!! NEVER!  Fill your love tanks today by knowing that you are loved and cared for by Pure Love.  There is nothing that you can do to take away how much you are loved.  There is no place that you can go to hide from this love.  You can turn away from it and choose not to accept it, but you will not strip the love from His heart to yours.  God loves you.  Stand up in that love no matter how many times you’ve fallen down as Nick so beautifully says it!

Go make your day great!!


What Holds Us Down?

It’s amazing to me how little I know.  I think I know so much…but when it comes right down to it, I’m limited.  A few years ago I went through a storm.  It lasted what seemed like forever!  It was 7 years long.  My marriage of 13+ years and 4 children crumbled in a horrific way.  That story is for another time.  But I do mention it only to say with all the fear, drama, and  topsy-turvy of that hurricane in my life, I really wouldn’t change it.  The remnants of what seemed at that time a black hole, has given me abilities and understanding in a deep and profound way that I would have never acquired without that turmoil.

One of the missions that I dove into was learning about thinking.  Apparently, I’ve always been a deep thinker-I learned that more recently from moving back to Michigan for my Hiatus.  Before my divorce, I was a fairly small-minded, opinionated, black and white thinker.  There was a right way and a wrong way.  I had my world (and it was perfect of course!  Ha!): my children were well-behaved, my spouse and I owned our own businesses, I went to one of the “best” churches in the south.  I had it all, even the picket fence!   That was all on the surface of course.  When that all changed, I had to re-invent myself or get buried by life.  I had to figure out how to do this thing on my own.  Not only survive, but succeed I knew from my upbringing that going through all of this meant that I was to help others at some point.  That was the purpose for it all (along with drawing me closer to God Himself) so, I had to figure it out.

One of the hardest areas to look at in myself in order to revamp was that I couldn’t point fingers or blame.  I received no benefit from looking outside of myself but bitterness!  It didn’t put food on the table or a roof over my head!  I became determined to look at the way I thought so that I could change my actions and therefore succeed!  I had no idea what a journey I was diving into!

Thinking comes from dwelling on a particular line of thoughts.  Thoughts, I learned come from 3 areas.  Now…I hesitate a bit to tell you this.  But, it’s what I learned.  I’ve tested this out many a day now not only with myself, but with others.  You can do your own testing.

Thoughts come from 3 areas:

1.)  My Past Experiences:

All that I’ve learned through my 5 senses have been gathered up and called my experiences.  I lean on these to move forward.  Like when I learned to ride my bicycle for the 1st time, I started out with training wheels.  After trusting those and learning how to balance a bit, I moved forward.  Life is the same.  The problem with only leaning on this thought pattern is that I have had some bad experiences too.  When I learned to ride my bike, I fell a few times.  I skinned my knee and my elbow and my Mom had to patch me up.  Why would anyone after taking a fall like that, get back up on that bike (here it is…are you ready?) to just get hurt again?  Our natural tendencies lead us to say “No way!  I’m not getting on that bike again!”  Something outside of us (whether we realize it or not) is encouraging us to move forward and past our hurts.  That something (or someone) is teaching us to trust their experience and knowledge and “Get back on and try again!”  You can sort of say they are a “higher power”.  The adult helping us with words of encouragement and smiles!  They are like area number 2 in thoughts.

2.)  God’s Placement of Thoughts Into Our Spirits:

I want to say first and foremost that God doesn’t ever say something that goes against what he’s already written down.  So what that means is He is consistent.  Quite frankly, it ‘s impossible for Him to be inconsistent.  God deals with the spirit side of ourselves.  Our spirit then lets our minds know what we need to think.  Our experiences deal strictly with our minds.  The natural side of us only.  When we hear from God we typically say that “I just know” or I “feel” it.  But the truth is it is our spirits (which separate us from all other living things) that are being spoken to.  Now, if we do not know God, our minds do not know how to deal with what’s happening.  The Bible says in Romans 8:7 that our natural minds or sensual part of us cannot know God.   So we need to “…renew our minds daily…”(Romans 12:2).   This is key because of the third area of where thoughts come from.  If we know who God is and what he wants for us (which if you read in Romans 12:2 further, His plan is perfect and good for us!), then we know what to do when negative words or thoughts come our way!  Get rid of them!  No dwelling!  And by all means don’t speak them out loud giving them power in our lives!

3.)  The Devil’s placement of a thought:

Yes, it’s true.  There is a Devil.  Look around.  Look within your own mind!  God wants good for us.  God wants to encourage us.  God wants to build us up and make us stronger and more capable-like our parents when we were learning how to ride our bikes!  We didn’t like it when we fell and hurt ourselves, but they knew it was all part of learning how to ride.   They knew the other side was freedom to roll where we couldn’t before, so they picked us up and brushed us off and put us right back on that bike to learn.  The Devil does not want that for us.  He wants to hold us back, to stay down, to lie there grumbling.  To ride and be free means enjoyment and happiness.  The Devil doesn’t want anything to do with those things!  Why?  We might help someone else  to “learn how to ride their bikes!”  Happiness would spread.  True freedom would spread!   You see, he made a decision long ago saying to himself that he knew better than God.  He wanted to take matters into his own hands and grumbled about God.  He wants only that misery for us too.  Misery loves company, right?  Don’t fall for it!  Now I said earlier to not speak the negative thoughts out loud.  God…well, He can read our thoughts.  He helps us out with them (of course we have to listen).  The Devil cannot read our thoughts.  He can place a thought into our minds (natural self remember) and watch to see what we will do with that thought, but he can’t know what we will do.  He is limited.  Isn’t THAT good news?!    We need to be careful at this point to replace whatever the Devil is telling us with a truth instead.  We don’t want to create a void we want to keep the space filled up but with positive, truthful statements instead.  If we say it out loud…all bets are off!  The Devil can hear you when you speak out loud!  Shhh…keep yourself quiet!  If you are going to speak out loud, say something positive!

Practice healthy thinking by not dwelling on that negative thought.   Keep in mind that you can’t just get rid of it.  Nope!  You must replace it with something else!  Something positive.  Something truthful.  Here’s an example that I struggle with:  Say I go to start something and I’m nervous.  I’m afraid I’ll mess up.  If I’m feeling that way, I’ve already had quite a few negative thoughts race through my head.  I have to push through telling myself, it’s ok.  Keep going.  Fear isn’t from God.  It’s either my past experiences (natural self) or the Devil keeping me down.  Either way, I’m not living up to my full potential and freedom!  I have a free will and I have to use it in this case.  “I can do it!”

There are ways to get a handle on this thought life thing.

1.  Take an honest look at how many negative thoughts about yourself and situations and others you are saying…BE HONEST!!!  Do you have cut-downs that are “just joking”  Do you tell yourself that you can’t  or won’t or could never???  Do you look at others and compare yourself or what you think is an ideal?  Do you bark out orders to others and they just don’t ever measure up?  Are you proud of yourself and taking good care of yourself physically?  That should get you started!

2.  Start to “Renew your mind daily”  The word daily is here for a reason!  You need to get into a habit my friend-this comes with daily repetition only.  Go to books, blogs, articles, (dare I say it for some of you???) the Bible.  God wrote down exactly what He thinks of you–It’s all good I promise!  He loves you and wants the best for you.  I know for some of you out there, we Christians have really messed this up.  I’m sorry.  We’ve judged poorly, said things we shouldn’t and have hurt way too many of you!  Don’t let the Devil whisper lies to you.  We fallen Christians may not be great or think good thoughts, but God IS great and thinks only good thoughts about you.  Look into Him and His word not to a bunch of yada yada’s (that includes me).  We try, but we do fail.  God’s not finished with us yet!

3.  Surround yourself with mentors and people that have been-there-done-that.  They can help with the whole encouragement part!  Lean on them and their encouragement until you can encourage yourself!

Thinking, like anything else, is a part of a healthy lifestyle.  It takes practice and repitition in our lives to get better and better at this one.  We are NOT victums!  We have a free will and we choose daily what thoughts we will dwell on and which ones we will replace!  It’s our choice!  I love that!  A tree doesn’t choose-we do!

What thoughts are YOU Choosing today??

Here are some resources for you to take a look at to get better in this area!

The Bible

Start with Proverbs or the book of James.  If you don’t know God at all, start with the 3rd book in the New Testament:  John.  Learn just how sweet, caring and tender God really truly is!


Hung by the Tongue by Frances P. Martin 

Quick read but oh so valuable!!  Empowering really!  Mine is well loved!

Continue reading What Holds Us Down?