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RFF Chest & Shoulder Work Out

On the way to the gym

This was my last work out at the Traverse City, MI Anytime Fitness.  It’s hard to build up the shoulders…at least to have them have a nice rounded look.  So here is some of what I do on a weekly basis.  Try the work out and let me know what you think!

  • Incline Chest press
  • Flat Bench DB press
  • Standing Barbell Press
  • Standing DB Side Extension (not shown)
  • Standing DB Front Extension (not shown)
  • Leaning DB Side Extension
  • 50 Crunches (not shown)
  • 50 reverse crunches w/ leg extension (not shown)


Fitness for fun…for confidence…for life!

Red Fox

There’s comes a point when you’ve just got to say “ENOUGH”  I don’t know when and where and what that will be for you, but I DO know what you’l get when you make that decision.  Depending on where you are when you start your journey, it may mean you have a way to go, or maybe you just need to firm up and get some energy again, but it’s not a diet or a moment or even a destination really.  It’s a lifestyle!  When you do achieve this, one of the great side benefits is that even though you started out not “feeling it” or wanting to, the fun does come!  It does become something that is enjoyable!

I think this is true because of how utterly great you feel when you start to achieve some results!!  I’ve seen it time and again, sticking with it and hitting some mile-stones and how the excitement starts to build!  Belief that it’s possible to get the results that you are desiring…it’s so exciting!!

I know that it is possible and when you have the fitness and energy again (or maybe for the first time)…confidence comes too!  It’s a side benefit of achievement.  This is true in many areas of setting a goal…any goal and achieving it.  No matter how many times you fall off or come across a set-back, get right back at it and keep moving forward!

  • Regardless of feelings
  • Regardless of your past
  • Regardless of how far you fell
  • Regardless of who’s with you or not


Just keep at it and you WILL get there!!


Salmon Salad w/ Black Beans and Rice

Salmon Salad & Brown/Wild Rice w/ Black Beans

Salmon..Omega 3’s & 6’s…Taste Oh-So-Good and is best when it has some complex carbs to go with it!  🙂  So, Here you go!

  • Grilled or Broiled Salmon – Till tender
  • Organic Mixed Spring Mix
  • Sliced Red Onion
  • Yellow Baby Pepper
  • Squeezed Lime

Mixed Rice/Quinoa w/ Black Beans

Weight Loss Tip #4

Throw out the Diet’s and live healthy and eat clean!

Throw out the “Diet” stuff and get to know what real, clean food is!!

Eating clean means whole foods!! Foods that came from what God made and very little processing…no additives!

The word “Diet” is tricky!!  It’s a ploy by the Food industry to get you to buy more junk!!  We need to stop being lead astray and get smart!!  Really, get wise!! Diet foods are made to keep us hooked and make you spend.  They would have you think that you NEED these in order to lose weight!  It’s not true!  Clean, healthy eating is the key to a lean body within health and fitness. Whole foods, complex carbs, and things grown on farms closest to your home is best!! Learn to know what these are and implement them into your life!!

Veggies! There are so many of these bad boys that you can test and see all of the ones YOU enjoy!! Go ahead and explore with them!

Honestly, it’s never been easier to have clean foods right at your finger tips!!  Do a little extra cooking at your meals and package them up for another meal and you are all set to go! Measure out almonds and carrots and veggies and snacks and have them “at the ready”. Keep a cooler always available for your running around and errands time so you have food available.  This way you won’t be led astray to make bad choices because you are starving!!


It’s important to take care of yourself!!  And, you are also being a much better example to your family!!  When my kids know that we are going somewhere, they start packing for the car…and I mean food!!  Never leave home without any!

For some examples of what clean food is check out these articles on RedFoxFitness.com

Grocery Shopping with Red Fox and Chef

Fuel for the Body Page

Hams and Glutes Work out!

35#ers for the Bulgarian Squats

Here’s the secret…I do legs twice a week so that I can separate this large muscle group area apart!!  Doing a leg day can ware you out!! In a good way of course!!  So here’s a great way to build some much needed muscle (remember: muscle burns the unwanted fat even while you sleep!!!  No neglecting here!), and added Pliometrics for that fat burning cardio!! Cardio is best when done in shorter bursts (think up…down…up…down…with that heart rate!!)  I’m adding in a video AND and PDF for you!!  See…no excuses!  And Yes…this is the same work out that I do!!  So, lets get to it! Continue reading Hams and Glutes Work out!

Photos of Wednesday Before Cleveland! My Day…

Red Fox goofing off!

We are so excited and anxious to leave for Cleveland!  What a great show this is going to be!! We are going to meet LOTS of people and mingle like crazy!!  We even have a few Facebook friends coming to join us and cheer me on!!  I’m so honored!  Here’s how the day went today ( I meant to post yesterday’s too but ran out of time!).  I’ve included lots of pictures for you to take a look at from my gym time too!  I think it’s always easier to do exercises when I can see them in action!  Cleveland is a little close to Dearborn and my advice is to NEVER do it this way!!  hahaha…live and learn!  Blessings!

9:00 am:

  • Up!!
  • Lotioned up (I have this tan on from last weekend and it looks like crackle paint!!  hahaha…it’s itchy, and soooo dry! I need to get it off before Cleveland! )
  • Weigh in:  145.3 (woop woop!)


  • 3 mile run! With my “Sweat Suit”


  • Ate: Chicken, asparagus, peppers, salsa, egg whites

11 – 11:30

  • Worked on Night routine for Cleveland.  They want a 60 sec routine vs Dearborn’s 90 (arrrhg! lol)  We did it!


  • Dishes & Kitchen duty


  • 3oz OJ w/ Vit C
  • CLA’s
  • Slimmetry


  • Got online and said “Hay” to my online buds!


  • Shower & get ready for the gym – Today is Back day!


  • 3 chkn breast strips with hot sauce
  • Protein/Vitamin shake w/ BCAA’s


  • Gym Time (see pics!)
  • Cked in with kids and Grandma (having a GREAT time at this really cool place called The Great Wolf Lodge)

All that was left was Dinner and packing and posting!  

Dinner: (Jim cooked of course!!  Thanks Sweetie!!)

  • Cajun Chicken Breast and Veggie Medley (YUM!!!)  I’m afraid I don’t think I chewed!!! sigh…
Go and make today YOUR best!!


Two Weeks Out!!

Pamela DeVrou Smith - Red Fox Fitness

Here’s the latest…

  • I’m excited!!
  • I’m nervous!!
  • I’m happy!!
  • I’m hungry!! (lol)
  • I’m tired!!
  • (Sorry about this one…)  I’m grumpy at times!
  • I’m up…then I’m down!  (What is that!! I blame the lack of sleep and food!)
  • I’m very confident!!
  • I’m doubting so much!

The truth is…when chasing after something, the focus becomes so intense that really all else starts to really fade into the background.  I really have some serious laser vision right now.  My eye is on the goal.  my heart is set and even though it’s falters with confidence at times (and yes…it IS faltering) all still stands!!  I’m moving forward and going to Dearborne at the Simmons-Peckham on March 24th!! It’s hard to chase after a dream.  Honestly, the Competition isn’t the dream!  Some of you may know that it’s actually a fitness tour that I want.  I had it already right in my hands and it slipped out.  I guess God wanted to develop me some more.  So I buckled down and am learning some more!  All I really want is to let all of you know that health, and fitness in ALL 5 AREAS OF OUR LIVES is possible to achieve!  Not all the time and not perfectly, but possible!  We are to give our lives our best!!  Nothing more…NOTHING LESS!!!  If I go down…I go down giving it my all!

Here’s my stats:  I’m only gong to give last months and now…  Big difference!! I’m told there’s more to drop in these last two weeks!!

January 31, 2012

Jan 31st, 2012