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There’s so much to becoming an AWESOME Red Fox Fitness member!  If you are a member of #RFF, you will receive newsletters, updates and videos!!  These video’s may be about grocery shopping, eating right and how to do that, how to deal with the stresses of getting your workout in or how to live healthy – what does that look like and much much more!  We will be bringing monthly challenges, weekly work outs and hearing directly from you as well about how YOU are doing in your Health and Fitness journey!  Join us and become a ‘Member’ by simply filling out your name and email address!!  That’s it!  We’ll do the rest by keeping you up to date!!  Be sure to share this page with your friends too so they can get “in-the-know” as well!!

May I be the first to say WELCOME ABOARD MEMBER!!  We are so glad to have you!

~Pamela “Red Fox” Smith

Red Fox Fitness Pamela DeVrou Smith


Red Fox Fitness is Officially Open!

Slide1We are only weeks away from starting classes and opening up the gym!! We are taking memberships now for a limited time at a discounted rate! So HURRY and sign up! You’ll get 1/2 OFF of your Registration!! Feel free to call at (704) 488-5121 if you have any questions! Here are the forms that you’ll need to fill out or take a look at!!

Health History Questionnaire & Consent Form

Membership Agreement

Rules of Conduct


September RFF Class Schedule

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RFF Chest & Shoulder Work Out

On the way to the gym

This was my last work out at the Traverse City, MI Anytime Fitness.  It’s hard to build up the shoulders…at least to have them have a nice rounded look.  So here is some of what I do on a weekly basis.  Try the work out and let me know what you think!

  • Incline Chest press
  • Flat Bench DB press
  • Standing Barbell Press
  • Standing DB Side Extension (not shown)
  • Standing DB Front Extension (not shown)
  • Leaning DB Side Extension
  • 50 Crunches (not shown)
  • 50 reverse crunches w/ leg extension (not shown)


Salmon Salad w/ Black Beans and Rice

Salmon Salad & Brown/Wild Rice w/ Black Beans

Salmon..Omega 3’s & 6’s…Taste Oh-So-Good and is best when it has some complex carbs to go with it!  🙂  So, Here you go!

  • Grilled or Broiled Salmon – Till tender
  • Organic Mixed Spring Mix
  • Sliced Red Onion
  • Yellow Baby Pepper
  • Squeezed Lime

Mixed Rice/Quinoa w/ Black Beans

Weight Loss Tip #4

Throw out the Diet’s and live healthy and eat clean!

Throw out the “Diet” stuff and get to know what real, clean food is!!

Eating clean means whole foods!! Foods that came from what God made and very little processing…no additives!

The word “Diet” is tricky!!  It’s a ploy by the Food industry to get you to buy more junk!!  We need to stop being lead astray and get smart!!  Really, get wise!! Diet foods are made to keep us hooked and make you spend.  They would have you think that you NEED these in order to lose weight!  It’s not true!  Clean, healthy eating is the key to a lean body within health and fitness. Whole foods, complex carbs, and things grown on farms closest to your home is best!! Learn to know what these are and implement them into your life!!

Veggies! There are so many of these bad boys that you can test and see all of the ones YOU enjoy!! Go ahead and explore with them!

Honestly, it’s never been easier to have clean foods right at your finger tips!!  Do a little extra cooking at your meals and package them up for another meal and you are all set to go! Measure out almonds and carrots and veggies and snacks and have them “at the ready”. Keep a cooler always available for your running around and errands time so you have food available.  This way you won’t be led astray to make bad choices because you are starving!!


It’s important to take care of yourself!!  And, you are also being a much better example to your family!!  When my kids know that we are going somewhere, they start packing for the car…and I mean food!!  Never leave home without any!

For some examples of what clean food is check out these articles on RedFoxFitness.com

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Hams and Glutes Work out!

35#ers for the Bulgarian Squats

Here’s the secret…I do legs twice a week so that I can separate this large muscle group area apart!!  Doing a leg day can ware you out!! In a good way of course!!  So here’s a great way to build some much needed muscle (remember: muscle burns the unwanted fat even while you sleep!!!  No neglecting here!), and added Pliometrics for that fat burning cardio!! Cardio is best when done in shorter bursts (think up…down…up…down…with that heart rate!!)  I’m adding in a video AND and PDF for you!!  See…no excuses!  And Yes…this is the same work out that I do!!  So, lets get to it! Continue reading Hams and Glutes Work out!