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#RFF Bi Ceps & Tri Ceps

Red Fox Standing DB Curls 1
Red Fox Standing DB Curls 1

Here’s a good little work out that I enjoyed at my old gym!  I’m hoping to get some great videos here at Red Fox now that we have our very own building!!  Soon… In the mean time, enjoy and try it out for your self!

Here’s the Work Out:

Super Set 1:

  • Preacher Curls 8×3
  • Skull Crushers 8×3
  • Standing DB Curls 8ea x 3 (try to not have so much swing!!  haha)
  • Tri Cep Kickbacks 8ea x 3

Super Set 2:

  • Rope Hammer Curls 8×3
  • Tri Cep Overhead Pulley 8×3 (drop down optional)
  • Drop Down w/ DB Curls
  • Finish out with 1-2 miles walk/running on T-mill or outside!

Bi-cepts and Tri-cepts from Pamela “Red Fox” Smith on Vimeo.

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Your Body Your Temple

Slide 10 - Hiking, Swimming...
YOUR Body…YOUR Temple! Treat it accordingly! 

Being healthy and taking care of our bodies is a “Christ-Like” thing!  God asks us to “Take care of our Temples (gifts from Him btw…)” and to honor God with our bodies!  So why is it that we struggle so hard with this one?

I’ve found there are three areas that keep us from being Healthy and Fit and giving ourselves our BEST!

1.)  How:  We are bombarded with information but sifting through it can be difficult!  Even when we manage to get through the minions of information, many times we end up with the wrong information!  How in the world can we decipher through and know what we are doing is the ‘right thing’?

  • First, we have to remember that we simply need to start by getting active!  It         doesn’t have to be BIG steps…they can be little.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  When we are dropping off our kids to their activity, walk around the park while waiting instead of sitting on the bench or in the car!  Start small…and do it often.  Shooting for activity in our lives on a daily basis is the goal!  You can worry about getting more of it after you’ve created the habit of just being active!

2.)  Discipline:  The art and consistency of discipline is one of the toughest areas I fail the most!  It’s difficult to push all distractions aside (inside and out) and simply do what you set out to do – GET IT DONE!  I’m in awe of those that can get up and just do what they said they would do regardless of how they feel or what’s on their list of ‘to do’s’ for the day! They seem to set their alarm and go right into motion.  I have a son that is an incredible runner.  He’s so self-disciplined!  I’m in wonder every time this 13yr old text messages me and lets me know that he just finished running and doing the workout that was expected of him!  It’s amazing to see his improvements and the honors he gets from this simple (yet difficult) act he has developed within his young life!

We must remember, those that have that ability were NOT born with it!  They had to develop discipline within their lives!  I love to see people who join the gym who are brand new to the experience!  They come in – hit or miss at first.  Little-by-little, they get more and more consistent.  Soon enough they create the habit (self-discipline) of coming in the gym and getting their work out in!  I’m proud of them!  When I set out a goal and day-by-day achieve it, no matter how long it takes, I feel so good about myself.  It breads a confidence within me that carries me into other areas of my life!  In our society of “Instant everything”, self-discipline is an art that we desperately need to return!  Remember, God is asking us to take our health seriously…ask Him for the ability to be disciplined enough to do it!  He’ll provide more and more as you step out in Faith daily!

3.)  Body Image:  This one is tough!  We are bombarded daily with images and statements that we simply don’t measure up!  Perfection seems to be “everyone’s” but ours.  The magazines, TV and movies (and don’t forget fellow humans!  Ladies, we need to start being nicer to each other!) show us what we are supposed to be looking like and when we look into the mirror…well, it’s no where the same.  First we need to remember that we are unconditionally loved by the One who made us in the first place!  He’s not asking us to take care of ourselves because He needs a better looking disciple!  He loves you exactly where you are at and who you are right at this moment!  He wants what’s best for us, and taking care of our bodies so that we have energy and are not sick is part of what’s best!  There’s nothing like waking up feeling good, having energy and never worrying about getting sick!

We need to let go of what others say we should be and simply day-by-day take steps toward being healthy (the best version of ourselves).  When we do this, we just simply think better about ourselves!  We need to give it our best and do it daily.  When we fall off and fail that day…get right back at it!  It’s not time to barrage ourselves and crumble our emotions…it’s just a lapse.  Get back out there and start again!  It’s a lifetime journey.  It’s a style that we need to adopt.  It’s going to take some adjustments.  I’m STILL adjusting…always will be so that I can give my life (the precious gift God gave me) the best I’ve got!  I’m not comparing myself to someone in a magazine or in a movie…I’m looking into the mirror and knowing that God loves the one looking back at me and I have been charged with taking care of that person!  I wouldn’t call a friend bad names and cut them down…why would I do it to myself?  Stop it!  That’s not how we need to talk to ourselves.  We need to practice kindness…to ourselves so that we are in habit and can be nice to others as well!

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Product Release – 25% Off From Sporting Goods Store!

Red Fox Fitness JacketsWe are so excited to offer this VERY limited quantity of a fantastic deal!! We have Fitness/Yoga mats, not just ANY mats, but the soft, non-slip, Two-toned, Mats complete with a velcro Carry Strap!

We have these in two colors:

Orange/Grey and Green/Grey!!

I don’t do this often…in fact I’ve NEVER done this!  This was such a great deal and these were so cool, I couldn’t resist!  I am releasing these at Noon on Monday, September 22! There are only a limited amount, so these will go fast at this price! I wish I had more!!

To get one for your own fitness goals, click below!!  We will ship it directly to you!

on Square Market

Happy shopping and know that when we find other deals, we’ll send them to you!



Red Fox Fitness is Officially Open!

Slide1We are only weeks away from starting classes and opening up the gym!! We are taking memberships now for a limited time at a discounted rate! So HURRY and sign up! You’ll get 1/2 OFF of your Registration!! Feel free to call at (704) 488-5121 if you have any questions! Here are the forms that you’ll need to fill out or take a look at!!

Health History Questionnaire & Consent Form

Membership Agreement

Rules of Conduct


September RFF Class Schedule

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BIG News for Red Fox!! Matcha – Our Own Label!

Order  yours today!!
Order yours today!!

I have been drinking Matcha since..FOREVER!!  Ok not forever…but a really really long time!  Matcha has soooooo many benefits to it!

  • Cancer fighter!
  • Calming Focus!
  • Energy time!!
  • (My favorite) FAT BURNER!!!
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Daily Detoxifier
  • On and On and On…

I started drinking Matcha because I needed to ability to think clearly without getting so darn distracted after I had my forth child…The side benefit???  I LOST WEIGHT!!  I wasn’t doing anything differently and was dropping the weight.  The only thing that had changed in my habits was I was drinking Matcha!

40g Matcha $38.00
40g Matcha $38.00

Matcha has caffeine it’s true…but it’s not the caffeine that does the trick!  Nope!  It’s the Catechin EGCg’s – Cancer fighting agents (more than any other Food!), and the Calm-Alertness from the Amina Acid L-Theanin combined with the major B vitamins that make Matcha torch your metabolism without any side effects of jitters, heart palpitations, and the like!  Matcha is also a natural detoxifier.   The beautiful green color derives from the Chlorophyll in the shade grown plant that removes toxins from our bodies to help them function more efficiently!

Red Fox couldn’t be more excited to announce that they are now able to carry the potent Superfood from Japan!  These Baby Green Tea Leaves that are stone ground super fine are an awesome addition to a daily routine to get your day started on the right path to your Health and Fitness!

Order your Matcha today and see for  yourself just how good it feels and great it tastes to get healthy!! Easy as 1…2…3!  Measure, Shake, Enjoy!!

Matcha Label
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I was interviewed yesterday! Land of the Waxhaws & Mark Appleyard… What fun!

I was a bit nervous yesterday morning…I didn’t know what to expect!  I got a message and a call from a new friend of mine – Jim Black!  Jim is the founder of The Land of the Waxhaw and what I call Waxhaw Paparazzi!  He wanted to introduce me to Mark Appleyard who is the Pastor of CrossRoads Church right here in Waxhaw.

Mark is a champion when it comes to supporting and promoting local business and community and wanted to see what Red Fox Fitness was all about!


Here is the interview itself and the link to his weekly show on uStream:




New Year…New You! Make your resolutions a SUCCESS!!

Let RFF help make your Fitness Goals a SUCCESS!  Email or call us!  We'll create a program fit just for you with accountability built right in!
Let RFF help make your Fitness Goals a SUCCESS! Email or call us! We’ll create a program fit just for you with accountability built right in!