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Your Body Your Temple

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YOUR Body…YOUR Temple! Treat it accordingly! 

Being healthy and taking care of our bodies is a “Christ-Like” thing!  God asks us to “Take care of our Temples (gifts from Him btw…)” and to honor God with our bodies!  So why is it that we struggle so hard with this one?

I’ve found there are three areas that keep us from being Healthy and Fit and giving ourselves our BEST!

1.)  How:  We are bombarded with information but sifting through it can be difficult!  Even when we manage to get through the minions of information, many times we end up with the wrong information!  How in the world can we decipher through and know what we are doing is the ‘right thing’?

  • First, we have to remember that we simply need to start by getting active!  It         doesn’t have to be BIG steps…they can be little.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  When we are dropping off our kids to their activity, walk around the park while waiting instead of sitting on the bench or in the car!  Start small…and do it often.  Shooting for activity in our lives on a daily basis is the goal!  You can worry about getting more of it after you’ve created the habit of just being active!

2.)  Discipline:  The art and consistency of discipline is one of the toughest areas I fail the most!  It’s difficult to push all distractions aside (inside and out) and simply do what you set out to do – GET IT DONE!  I’m in awe of those that can get up and just do what they said they would do regardless of how they feel or what’s on their list of ‘to do’s’ for the day! They seem to set their alarm and go right into motion.  I have a son that is an incredible runner.  He’s so self-disciplined!  I’m in wonder every time this 13yr old text messages me and lets me know that he just finished running and doing the workout that was expected of him!  It’s amazing to see his improvements and the honors he gets from this simple (yet difficult) act he has developed within his young life!

We must remember, those that have that ability were NOT born with it!  They had to develop discipline within their lives!  I love to see people who join the gym who are brand new to the experience!  They come in – hit or miss at first.  Little-by-little, they get more and more consistent.  Soon enough they create the habit (self-discipline) of coming in the gym and getting their work out in!  I’m proud of them!  When I set out a goal and day-by-day achieve it, no matter how long it takes, I feel so good about myself.  It breads a confidence within me that carries me into other areas of my life!  In our society of “Instant everything”, self-discipline is an art that we desperately need to return!  Remember, God is asking us to take our health seriously…ask Him for the ability to be disciplined enough to do it!  He’ll provide more and more as you step out in Faith daily!

3.)  Body Image:  This one is tough!  We are bombarded daily with images and statements that we simply don’t measure up!  Perfection seems to be “everyone’s” but ours.  The magazines, TV and movies (and don’t forget fellow humans!  Ladies, we need to start being nicer to each other!) show us what we are supposed to be looking like and when we look into the mirror…well, it’s no where the same.  First we need to remember that we are unconditionally loved by the One who made us in the first place!  He’s not asking us to take care of ourselves because He needs a better looking disciple!  He loves you exactly where you are at and who you are right at this moment!  He wants what’s best for us, and taking care of our bodies so that we have energy and are not sick is part of what’s best!  There’s nothing like waking up feeling good, having energy and never worrying about getting sick!

We need to let go of what others say we should be and simply day-by-day take steps toward being healthy (the best version of ourselves).  When we do this, we just simply think better about ourselves!  We need to give it our best and do it daily.  When we fall off and fail that day…get right back at it!  It’s not time to barrage ourselves and crumble our emotions…it’s just a lapse.  Get back out there and start again!  It’s a lifetime journey.  It’s a style that we need to adopt.  It’s going to take some adjustments.  I’m STILL adjusting…always will be so that I can give my life (the precious gift God gave me) the best I’ve got!  I’m not comparing myself to someone in a magazine or in a movie…I’m looking into the mirror and knowing that God loves the one looking back at me and I have been charged with taking care of that person!  I wouldn’t call a friend bad names and cut them down…why would I do it to myself?  Stop it!  That’s not how we need to talk to ourselves.  We need to practice kindness…to ourselves so that we are in habit and can be nice to others as well!

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What I eat in a typical day…

American Pamela DeVrou Smith

Just wanted to show you some typical meals/snacks for me.  I’ve decided that the way I was eating before my first two competitions wasn’t exactly working…and I didn’t agree with it.  I said that I would give it to Cleveland and I did.  However, it stressed me out so much (along with the idea of starting to compete!!) that my body got really sick!  I’ve always had a philosophy that I need to bring into my house healthy choices first and for most.  When I start with that, it’s hard to “mess it all up”! If you need ideas on this, go to my article Grocery Shopping with Red Fox and Chef!  It’s a great place to start.  After that, it’s about really listening to your body!  I have a healthy lifestyle…I don’t have some off the wall eating habits that I need to really change at this point.  I have implemented what I like and what works for me.  So, when I start with that, I just eat when I get hungry!  I know that sounds really simple, but any thing other than that stresses me out!!  I hate being put into a “box”  My life needs to ebb n flow and so does my eating.  I don’t go out on Friday night for wings and beer!!  Keep that in mind!  However, I do eat…OFTEN!!  I eat about ever 1-3 hours!  Yup!  I’m 5’9 and 142 so my portions and the size of my meals are important.  I NEVER eat until I’m stuffed!  I almost never (hee hee ok sometimes…) wolf down my food.  It’s important to let my brain know that I’m eating and fueling it so hold on!!  This takes about 20 min.  I need to et slow!! I take small bites and savor the food.  I do this without thinking about it btw!!  I tend to eat “one the go” meaning I’m always doing something else while eating.  So this makes it easy to take my time!  I take a bite, and go back to other things…take a bit and other things.. you get the idea right?

The eating I had going on was NOT something that I could just simply implement in my life and my family’s life.  This wasn’t a Lifetime or Lifestyle thing.  I had a hard time with it because of that very reason.  When I talk to all of you about nutrition and fueling your body, I want to stress that it’s taking bad habits and replacing them with some good ones that you can do for the ret of your life!!  It’s a lifestyle!  If that’s the case, then by all means find out the foods you enjoy that are good for you and taste great!! I don’t know about you , but I need flavor!!! AND…I need it to look good!  If it doesn’t, well then…I don’t eat it!  EAting became a chore for me and I believe that’s wrong!! Eating is meant to be enjoyed!  Savored!  Shared with friends and family!!   grew up with the whole farm thing!  My family was always around…I mean my Aunts, Uncles, cousins, Grandparents…On both sides of my family we got together often and enjoyed food!! GOOD FOOD!!!  Farm fresh and home-baked!  No wonder I married a great cook, right??!!  🙂 When the food is fresh, organic, local, and seasoned…it tastes great!

With all of that, I just water to show you some of the typical meals I have (and enjoy) throughout my day!  Do yours look similar?? If you’re trying to lose weight (I’m cutting right now! which means I’ve lowered my calories about 300-400) per day.  Are you using some seasonings that can boost your metabolism??  I do believe n variety!  I’m a girl who likes choices!! I’m serious on this one!  I believe God wants us to have choices!!  Just look at all that is grown throughout the world each and every year!! WOW!! There’s so much great food I haven’t tried yet!!  lol  ok…Since I want to show you how and live by example…Here’s some pictures of my meals!

and remember…

Let’s Get Active!!


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