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Red Fox Fitness Gym Membership Winners are…

Red Fox Metal SignOn October 11th, The Rotary Club of Waxhaw had a Pancake breakfast over at our Red Fox Fitness Gym!  We were able to utilize the Cafe to serve Waxhaw’s very own Stacks Pancakes and Sausage!  We had tables and chairs and LOTS of decorations in the Zumba and Yoga room – it looked great!
During this day of festivities, we had a ‘Give-Away’ at Red Fox…5 Free Dri Fit T-Shirts and 10 Bronze Gym Memberships of the winners choice (Unlimited Gym or Unlimited Classes).
As promised, the announcement of those winners is here!  We drew names from the big pickle jar and the winners are as follows:
Red Fox Dri Fit T-Shirt Winners:
  1. Cherie Carter
  2. Jennifer Osborne
  3. Sheri Newton
  4. Carol Robins
  5. Val Koehler
RFF Bronze Gym Membership Winners:
  1. Katheryn Kiffmeyer
  2. Catherine Barnes
  3. Thea Rossano
  4. Janie Shoup
  5. Jason Carter
  6. Sheila Simpson
  7. Les Burns
  8. Bob Peters
  9. Sandra Platt
  10. Jade Kiker
Congratulations to all of our winners!  To claim your winnings, please stop by the Red Fox Fitness Gym at 115 E. North Main St. in downtown Waxhaw.  We are located at the Old Fire Station across from the Walking Bridge on the corner!
You can find the New Schedule by clicking the Link below.

We want to give you more!! You deserve it!

Slide 12 - More info:
Become a #RFF Member!

There’s so much to becoming an AWESOME Red Fox Fitness member!  If you are a member of #RFF, you will receive newsletters, updates and videos!!  These video’s may be about grocery shopping, eating right and how to do that, how to deal with the stresses of getting your workout in or how to live healthy – what does that look like and much much more!  We will be bringing monthly challenges, weekly work outs and hearing directly from you as well about how YOU are doing in your Health and Fitness journey!  Join us and become a ‘Member’ by simply filling out your name and email address!!  That’s it!  We’ll do the rest by keeping you up to date!!  Be sure to share this page with your friends too so they can get “in-the-know” as well!!

May I be the first to say WELCOME ABOARD MEMBER!!  We are so glad to have you!

~Pamela “Red Fox” Smith

Red Fox Fitness Pamela DeVrou Smith

Here we go again! Another #RFF Challenge!

October is a great challenge month!  I really don’t know why!  It’s not September where we all get our schedules in line!  It’s not November where we celebrate being Thankful!  December…Well, you know that one!  January…we ALL want to get fit then!  No extra motivation involved!  So, anyway…October – Challenge month!  I’m giving you a video that I’ve done about the challenge, but here’s the jist of it:

October Challenge:

  • 100 Sit Ups
  • 100 Push Ups
  • 100 Burpees

Everyday for the month of October!  No makes ups!  You do this every day.  You can split it up within the day, but it needs to be finished within the 24hr period.  It’s actually pretty simple, but it’s hard to do all at the same time.  It’s all about discipline within our lives.  Challenges like this one teach us to be disciplined…we all could use a bit more of it!

Ok…So.  Join in the RFF Monthly Challenge group and post within the day that you finished!  Join here…   Accountability is important!  Let’s do this!

Burpee Challenge from Smith on Vimeo.

Updated Pricing List

Pricing Sheet - Aug 2014
Pricing Sheet – Aug 2014

24 day challenge…I’m in!

The Whole 24 day package!!  Join in!!
The Whole 24 day package!! Join in!!

Since I’m opening up the gym this year…I’ve decided to NOT do any competitions this year!  That doesn’t mean though that I can’t still have goals!  Since having all the stress of opening up this lovely little “brick-n-mortar” here in Waxhaw, NC, my body has played havoc on me!!  I have been stressed, stressed, stressed!  Which means serious cortisol (stress hormone) has been released!  Boy do I feel it!  Does that mean I’m not taking care of myself?  HECK NO!!  I’m doing all the right things…I just need a little boost to get myself back in line!

One of the products that I like is Advocare.  Yes…I do!  It’s simple – 4 lines of products!  It’s easy to use – booklets to go along with whatever you’re doing!  And, It’s a short process!

The 24 day challenge is what I’m on (and go on when I get ready to cut for a competition!).  There are two phases to the challenge:

  1. 10 day Cleanse Phase (I use Peaches and Cream!!) – I have a hard time tolerating most cleanses! Honestly, most of them tear me up!  The Advocare one I can do!  It’s a system of Fiber, probiotics, and the cleanser itself.  The Peaches-n-Cream tastes awesome!  Remember the Orange Julius??  That’s what it reminds me of.
  2. 14 day Nutrition Max Phase  After the cleanse is the perfect time to stuff your system full of as much nutrition as possible – ESPECIALLY if you are trying to lose weight!  Weight loss can be hard on your system!  The depletion and feed deficit can be hard.  Help this process out by filling your body with nutrients to support the weight loss!  Losing body fat will be easier with these two phases!  Your body will be more willing to go through the process!

I’m going to try to post here not only my story (complete with pictures!), but some others as well!  I have a few people on the program and we’ve already had awesome results!  I’ll see if I can get them to show the journey along with me!  Maybe we’ll inspire a few of you out there as well!  If you get involved before October 25th and do the Challenge, you could be eligible to win $200!!  We could all use $200 and less weight!  Join us and let’s see what YOUR results will be!

If  you have any questions, feel free to email me here!

Also, check out the products themselves at this part of the website! Red Fox Fitness Advocare 24 day challenge!

Here’s how to enter:

  • Take a Selfie with a newspaper where the date of the paper is showing!  It has to be between Oct 17th – Oct 25th!
  • Weigh yourself and let RFF know what it is!  We’ll help you keep track!
  • Order your 24 Day Challenge through RFF (Call us!  We’ll help you out!)
  • Then be DEDICATED!!  Anyone can do something for 24 days, right?

We need at least 6 in the contest for it to count for the $200 winnings!  So go tell your friends and coworkers!  

To help you keep track, here’s our very own RFF Weekly Check-In form!  Download it! See…we want you to be successful!!  We will help in any way that we can!  Let’s do this!

RFF Weekly Check-In File


Bring a Friend Deal @Red Fox Fitness Gym!

Bring a Friend Deal @Red Fox Fitness Gym!

Join the unlimited classes over at Red Fox Fitness and get a deal and give a deal all at the same time! You will each get $5 off your monthly membership! Come see us at 115 E. North Main St., Waxhaw, NC or give us a call at (704) 488-5121

Red Fox Fitness is Officially Open!

Slide1We are only weeks away from starting classes and opening up the gym!! We are taking memberships now for a limited time at a discounted rate! So HURRY and sign up! You’ll get 1/2 OFF of your Registration!! Feel free to call at (704) 488-5121 if you have any questions! Here are the forms that you’ll need to fill out or take a look at!!

Health History Questionnaire & Consent Form

Membership Agreement

Rules of Conduct


September RFF Class Schedule

Continue reading Red Fox Fitness is Officially Open!