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Gym Leg Day

Leg Day...Let's Get To It!! Strong Legs are VERY Sexy!!

I’ve seen this everywhere and I couldn’t agree more!  To be healthy, I need to be fit not just a size!  Women get this one confused.  I see women in the gym all the time who only do cardio and lose the site that muscle is a very important part of our bodies!! Without it, we don’t function too well!  I see women go from the treadmill for 30 min then hop on the bike for another 30 min and then do the elliptical for yet another 30 min!! What in the world???  I get that we want to lose the fat that we’ve been oh so blessed with!  However, we’ve been sold a line and ladies…we are at fault for buying it!

Ladies, lifting weights is GOOD for you.  Resistance training is another word for it.  You don’t have to be super heavy to benefit from training with weights, but it does need to be a little difficult.  You want to replace that fat with some muscle!  Having more muscle means an increase in your over all metabolic rate–translation: BURN THE FAT EVEN WHEN YOU SLEEP!  Now that’s smart training!! It also helps in tremendous ways for your bones!  Your bones need to feel useful…they too have a purpose and if you don’t use em, you lose em.  Resistance training helps make your bones strong and helps to keep Osteoporosis at bay!

So get in there and show those guys some girl power!!  This work out is one that my husband and I do together!! He of course uses heavier weights, but the principle is the same!  I am quite partial to being in the free weight section of the gym!  Although I do use circuit training as well for some areas!

I start right in these days with the weights.  I warm up with some lower weights and higher reps and then I get into the building muscle. I do this so as to not waste precious energy.  I takes a lot to lift so I reserve to get the job done.

Sumo Squats:  These are a power house lift!  They use LOTS of muscles (and the ones we like to target may I say!!) Here’s my video on form…keep the weights down to maintain form AT ALL TIMES! Form is everything here!

Warm up sets:


  • 2x12xlower weight  (2 sets w/ 12 repetitions with easy low weight)
  • 2x12xmid weight
  • 5x5xheavier weight (This will be difficult but should still be able to do.  Exhaust by set 5)

Leg press:

  • 3x5xheavier weight

Calves:  Smith Machine

  • 3x8xheavier weight

Lunges: either w/ Dumb Bells in your hands or a weighted bar on shoulders

  • 3x8xheavier weight

NOW…go do your 30 min of cardio of your choice!  Ideally, you’ll want it to be Interval Training to burn the fat for up to the following 36hrs!!