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RFF Chest & Shoulder Work Out

On the way to the gym

This was my last work out at the Traverse City, MI Anytime Fitness.  It’s hard to build up the shoulders…at least to have them have a nice rounded look.  So here is some of what I do on a weekly basis.  Try the work out and let me know what you think!

  • Incline Chest press
  • Flat Bench DB press
  • Standing Barbell Press
  • Standing DB Side Extension (not shown)
  • Standing DB Front Extension (not shown)
  • Leaning DB Side Extension
  • 50 Crunches (not shown)
  • 50 reverse crunches w/ leg extension (not shown)



Standing Dumbbell Curls

Red Fox – Pamela DeVrou Smith

Standing Dumbbell Curls

I like exercises that give you the most work out for your movements!!  I do use others that target a particular area, but for the most part…I’m in the gym enough and always find ways to get the most out of each set/rep/exercise that I do!!

LOVE the Standing Dumbell Curls.  This works the core right along with my bi-cepts!!  That’s working it smart!!

Red Fox Standing DB Curls 1
Red Fox Standing DB Curls 2

Here’s the Next Move – Grand Rapids

Red Fox 1

I have had a hard time with this one!  After Cleveland, I needed to regroup and think a little differently about the goals I have set before me.  I was going to be a bit more ready for Cleveland.  Win or no win, I wasn’t where I expected to be…I mean when I looked into the mirror! And…Since this is a journey, I guess I’m going to show you that you can regroup!! Rethink!!  Alter the decisions made and still make it happen!

  • I haven’t stopped working out!

  • I haven’t stopped eating right (Here is a whole different post about this one!!)

  • I haven’t given up!

So look, here’s what’s next!!  Decision has been made!!**

** side note, ever notice that when you are in limbo, life can get tough!! Here’s what I’ve learned…God honors knowing what it is that you want!  Yup!  God says all you need to do is ask…however, you have to be specific!   MOST of us can’t!  There in lies the problem!  ok…back to the decision!  

As I was saying….Here’s what’s next…

2012 NPC Grand Rapids BodyBuilding Fitness, Figure, Physique and Bikini Championships

So we’ll give it another go around and be in Grand Rapids where I grew up!! Hopefully we’ll get some of you out there to give RED FOX some cheering!!!!  Man!  That would be so AWESOME!!!

I have to cut off another 10# before I enter!  I’m well on my way with that!  I will show you exactly what it is that I’m doing to get it off…my eating and my work outs!  Lets’ do this thing!!

Much love to you all and thanks for the encouragement and following along!!


Build those Quads!!

Red Fox Sumo's 2

We have something that we’ve been asked about from our new friend Dave over at Traverse City, Michigan’s Planet Beach and we decided to share!!  We are excited about it!  One of the “Oops” I did in my workouts was that I started hitting my legs hard too late!  I didn’t quite have it for the competitions like I wanted them!  Good thing that I am still competing and getting the job done now!!  

I was asked yesterday the best way to build up legs…especially the Quads.  This is an area that I can build easily and love to!  I have actually had to tone this area down a bit in my work outs but it is one of my favorite areas to work!  Guys…I don’t EVER want to hear form you that the legs don’t really matter!!  you will get hurt by me if you say that to me!!  (jk hahaha) LEGS DO MATTER!!  Take it from a woman…we like strong legs in our guys!  So stop the madness and lets get those legs big and meaty and strong!!!

The BEST way to get those legs built is to work them to exhaustion and the best way to do that that I know is to add in your drop downs!!  They burn….oh do they burn!  They work…OH do they work! You will want to add in these work outs once a week (I do a second leg work out but that’s with the glutes and hammies!!)

RFF Pliometric Verticle Jump 2
RFF Pliometric Verticle Jump 1
Red Fox Fitness Pliometric Jump 3

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My Ab Work Out! One Of Em Anyway!

Kettle bell..does a body good!

Here are Four of my ab work outs.  I do these back-to-back and I do four sets each!  Try it out!!  Go get yourself some abs for summer!!

Weighted Ball Crunches & Weighted Ball Decline Bench Throws

4 sets x 50 reps ea of  weighted ball crunches and 4×15-20 each of weighted ball decline bench throws

Kettle Bell Side Crunches

4×15 each side

Hanging weight Knee Lifts

15lbs x 10-20 x 4

Have fun!!!


Two Weeks Out!!

Pamela DeVrou Smith - Red Fox Fitness

Here’s the latest…

  • I’m excited!!
  • I’m nervous!!
  • I’m happy!!
  • I’m hungry!! (lol)
  • I’m tired!!
  • (Sorry about this one…)  I’m grumpy at times!
  • I’m up…then I’m down!  (What is that!! I blame the lack of sleep and food!)
  • I’m very confident!!
  • I’m doubting so much!

The truth is…when chasing after something, the focus becomes so intense that really all else starts to really fade into the background.  I really have some serious laser vision right now.  My eye is on the goal.  my heart is set and even though it’s falters with confidence at times (and yes…it IS faltering) all still stands!!  I’m moving forward and going to Dearborne at the Simmons-Peckham on March 24th!! It’s hard to chase after a dream.  Honestly, the Competition isn’t the dream!  Some of you may know that it’s actually a fitness tour that I want.  I had it already right in my hands and it slipped out.  I guess God wanted to develop me some more.  So I buckled down and am learning some more!  All I really want is to let all of you know that health, and fitness in ALL 5 AREAS OF OUR LIVES is possible to achieve!  Not all the time and not perfectly, but possible!  We are to give our lives our best!!  Nothing more…NOTHING LESS!!!  If I go down…I go down giving it my all!

Here’s my stats:  I’m only gong to give last months and now…  Big difference!! I’m told there’s more to drop in these last two weeks!!

January 31, 2012

Jan 31st, 2012

#2 Good Carbs!

Good Carbs! Red Fox Fitness

Not all Carbs are created equal!  There is such a thing as Good-For-You carbs!!

Whole grains: Brown Rice & Quinoa (red or white) 



Legumes:  Black Beans, Kidney Beans, Lima Beans, Garbanzo Beans (These make great Humus!!)  all great Legumes! 

All of these are VERY good for you!!

  • They balance out your blood sugar
  • They are loaded with fiber
  • They have extra nutrients
  • They give your body energy!

Here’s the hint: (I’ve been preaching about it for a while now!!)  Stay away from all refined flours…sugars…and processed foods (because they are loaded with them!)  these are carbs that lack nutrients, fibers and kill your blood sugar!  All opposite of what was naturally intended in the first place!

Tip #2:  There is such a thing as GOOD CARBS!!


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