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Just keep swimming…

Pamela DeVrou Smith…Back shot 7/2/12

I don’t want to make light of the pressure that it takes to make a dream come true!  I’m in the hunt!  I have been for a while!  It seems that I take so many steps forward and then a few backward and keep switching feet in the process!!

It’s a bit awkward because it’s all so dram public for me!  At least it feels that way on my end!! I have really two hunts going on simultaneously!!  The first one is to get my Pro Card in Women’s Physique Competitions.  I am now 7 weeks away from going after that endeavor for the first time!!  All the other competitions that I’ve been doing up until now have simply been practice!! Tweaking my body and adjusting to what it is that I need to show, adjusting my work outs and getting my body fat % down…all of it has been for this next show!! On Aug 24th and 25th I am heading to Toronto, CA to attend the WBFF World Competition!!  I’m so excited!!  This is my first time at the WBFF and I’ve heard and seen so many great things about it!! I can’t wait to experience it first hand!!  It will be an honor to just be involved…but I know I’m not kidding any of you!!  You’ve been following this journey for 3/4 of a year now!!  WE are on the brink and darn it…I want to WIN!!  I’m not ashamed to admit that!!  hahaha…

The pressure is on…in more ways than one!!

Red Fox Pressure!
  • Jim and the kids and I need passports
  • My car and Jim’s truck are unreliable at best!!  We need to get there!!
  • The WBFF cost more to be involved in!  It’s a much much better show…very entertaining for the crowd.  And, we have to pay for that!!
  • I need to put together my costume!
  • I need new suits…my competition suit won’t work!

The list goes on!

Oh….but it will all be soooo worth it!

I’ve struggled since Grand Rapids in my faith to allow this Big Competition to happen for me and our Little Red Fox “Team”

I’ve worried about the money to get there…and our cars…and how are we going to get off of work…and…and…and…

The bottom line is, God’s got this!!  That’s right!  He really does have a funny way of working out details…it’s our jobs to live and stand in faith as we continue to do what is right!  I haven’t stopped working out!  I am still on the eating plan and have added LOADS to my work out routine to bring my legs tight!!  I’ve lifted, hill sprinted, squatted, lunged, plio jumped, and weighted step-uped until I’ve cried!!  NO really!  My legs are taking a beating right now!!  Well, legs and glutes!!  I’ve been missing the stage, but Jim has been adimate that I need the time to build, recoup and prepare for Toronto!!  I know he’s right…and I’m listening….but there in lies that hard part!

Keeping the faith, while you can’t see the results!!  And, as my favorite little movie “friend” Dori likes to say…. “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…swimming swimming swimming!!”  I HAVE to keep moving forward!!  I am almost there!! I am soooo very close!! You all have encouraged and cheered me on so darn much!!  How can I just stop now?


Here’s my Legs after Grand Rapids 5/31/12
Red Fox Legs 7/2/12


  • I’m tired…do it anyway!
  • I’m hungry….push through!
  • I don’t feel like it today….Get off that couch and go do your work out…no short cuts!!
  • But I’m crying….one more rep Missy!!
  • Doubt and fear set in…reach out and get back on track!!
  • Why am I doing this again?? …look back and remember about inspiring others to follow their dreams!! To get up…Get active…Get fit!!!

All of this leads me to the 2nd Dream that I’m after…Our National Fitness Tour!  Red Fox Fitness has a purpose!!

  • To inspire others to get fit
  • To lead by example how that’s done
  • To show how you can have a Healthy, Active Vibrant lives through living Healthy and Fit out daily in the High 5 areas!
  • To find companies that compliment all High 5 areas of fitness and tell all of you about them!!
  • To do this for ourselves, and our families and friends!

I remember and know first hand what it’s like to let myself go.  To be overweight and lethargic in my own life and to look in the mirror wondering who it was looking back at me!

It doesn’t have to be that way!!  Not in the slightest!!  It’s very possible to have the life of your dreams –  Whatever that may be!

Red Fox 7 weeks out from Worlds

So, here’s my Stats with 7 weeks to go!

  • Weight: 140#
  • BF%:  ??
  • Arm: 12 1/4
  • Chest:  35 1/4
  • Waist:  26
  • Hips:  37
  • Thigh:  21
  • Calve: 14 1/2

Some of my measurements have gone up…but my weight has stayed the same…which means…I have lots more muscle!!  I’ve worked really hard on this!  Especially in my lower body!  My Hamstrings were MIA…not any more!  My glutes were there…but not as High and Tight as they could be!!  They are better!

I will try to post weekly to show the progression and talk about what’s happening along this part of the journey!

I want to thank you for all your AWESOME encouragement and pressing me onward!!  We are definitely dong this together!!  The Red Fox Fitness TEAM!!

Love and Hugs!!!



Booty Challenge Work out!

This is to be done Every other day!! June is the month of the Booty at RedFoxFitness.com So…We have a group on our Facebook called Red Fox Fitness Monthly Challenge. We will pick a different Body part each month and keep adding to our work outs!! May was the Burpee/Push up/Sit up Challenge and now we have Booty Time!

To make things easier, we’ve added a video to show you how to get it done!

Here’s the actual work out:

1. 20 X – Squats (hold 10# if you are already strong here!)
2. 25 Skaters (side-to-sides)
3. 20 Stair jumps (squat at the top and the bottom)
4. 1 min Wall Sit
5. 15 each side Two-step step ups w/ back kick (hold weights in your hands if you can!)
6. 1 min Supermans
Repeat 3 x’s time yourself!

Do these every other day…stay consistent with these. They will build on each other and you’ll get stronger. Time yourself and do it all at once!! No breaking these up! You should be out of breath in some of these and your legs will be burning!! Ideally, you’ll do burps and push ups and sit ups on the “off” days!! add this to your regular work outs! 🙂 Keep in mind this is about 1/4th of what a “Boot Camp” would look like! 🙂

Leg and Glutes…Let’s do it!

The Summit Climber slowly works those glutes and legs!!

Wanna build some muscle?? Ck out what it is that I do and HOW I do them.  I am still struggleing with getting enough muscle in my ham’s and glutes!  When I have enough muscle there, my legs will be smoothed out and my backside will be a bit higher…and…believe me…that’s exaqctly what I want!

I also know that a lot of you guys out there keep telling me that legs aren’t really THAT important.  Take it from a lady…YES…Yes they are!  so on with it boys!  Quite making excuses and work those legs!  There’s nothin like a strong base.

Here’s what I did today!

Super Sets (keeps the heart rate up)


Seated Calf Presses:

  • 1 x 1min x as many as possible x 170#
  • 1 x 1min x as many as possible x 260#
  • 1 x 1min x as many as possible x 350#

Sumo Squats:

  • 4 x 12 x 135#


Leg Presses

  • 4 x 8 x 450#

Dead Lifts

  • 4 x 12 x 155#


Bulgarian Split Squat

  • 3 x 12 x 110#

Plyo Step up’s w/ 20# DB

  • 4ea x 15 x 20#

Leg Raises

  • 3 x 25 x 10#


Cable Leg Extensions

  • 3ea x 12 x 17.5

Kettlebell Squats

  • 4 x 15 x 45#

To build in large quantities…I’m doing drop down sets.  I do three sets lifting heavy resting in between.  Then I do as many sets back-to-back to run out of weight dropping down by 10# as I go.  I start with my heavy weight and do set 1, immediately so set 2 which is 10# lighter and continue all the way down the scale.  I can barley walk after these but boy do they work!

Drop Down Set of Seated Hamstring Curls

  • 3 x 8 x 130#
  • Drop Down
Drop Down Leg Extensions
  • 3 x 8 x 130#
  • Drop Down

Done!  Whew!  Protein here I come!!

Enjoy!  ~Pamela

Flat Stomach and Chiseled Abs!!

my abs are still a work in progress but because of my diet, they are starting to show!!

Abs abs abs…EVERYONE wants great abs!  Hubby and I had this discussion a few days ago that when looking at a picture of a very fit person, the abs are the first thing you look at!  I posed the question on the site as well and well…I’ll admit it (if you keep it a secret!) hubby was right!!  I was the only one who voted for something different!!  haha… Anyway!!


How do you get em?

First…Abs need a great lifestyle!!  What I mean by that is they are made in the kitchen!!  Look, you cannot spot check abs or any other part of your body in your work outs!  Where you carry and store fat is simply where you carry and store fat (not that you’re asking but mine…well, it’s in the legs and butt!)  What is needed to EXPOSE your abs is to lower your body fat %!  So, getting a grip on your food intake and how you combine your foods to burn energy and keep your hard-earned muscle is a very important factor.  Once you start there (see Grocery Shopping with Red Fox and Chef!), then it’s a matter of being dedicated to not only working your abs at least three times a week, but also gaining more muscle in other parts of your body as well.  Since your abs are part of your core, just about every exercise you do, the abs are inadvertently used as well!! I can’t express this one

Grocery Shopping with Red Fox and Chef

enough…the more muscle you have, the more energy you burn each and every day!  If you eat to protect and build that muscle, then your metabolism will burn up the fat that is stored.  (remember the clause here:  Getting control of your eating comes first!!!!)

Continue reading Flat Stomach and Chiseled Abs!!